Jules gets dirty, and not in the fun way on this week’s Cougar Town.

Cougar Town Title Card: Sorry, we still cringe at the title.  Cougar Town.

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This week’s episode focused on three things. Travis’s impending proposal to Kirsten, a bet between Jules and the crew and Laurie’s new idea for punishing friends that take advantage of friends.

The Council – the name Laurie gave the council who decides punishments for the crew – came about when Jules had Laurie get a coffee she didn’t need. Laurie was sick of everyone getting away with being obnoxious to each other, so she came up with punishments. For instance, Jules had to give sips of her drinks to Laurie all day because of the coffee incident. Or when Andy left Ellie waiting in a hot car for 15 minutes, he had to spend an hour in a hot car. The best was of course, Bobby’s punishment for sumo wrestling with Andy in Jules’s house. (Andy wasn’t punished because he is so easily influenced by Bobby). The punishment: no punishment, but telling Bobby he was going to get one later so he was just left feeling anxious all day. Jules didn’t get it. And in the end, neither did Bobby. It’s fun when Laurie is the smart one! At the end of the weekend though, everyone is so afraid of being punished, no one is free to be themselves, so The Council is disbanded. But not before one last punishment to Laurie for creating it – she has to drink from Little Richard, the tiniest wine glass ever. And she can’t get refills until everyone else needs a refill. Wow. Harsh!

Jules meanwhile made the claim that it would be no big deal to give up her luxury living and go live like Bobby does on the boat. Not being a group of friends that would let that claim slide, she is then forced to live on the boat for the weekend while Bobby lives in her house. She has no shower. One towel for everything, a drawer full of cockaroaches and a $20 budget which she promptly uses on two bottles of wine. Things get a little scary and she quickly starts to look like a homeless person. But Ellie, being the good friend she is deep inside, tells Jules she believe she can do it right when Jules is starting to want to give up. So she pulls it together, goes caveman and makes a fire and finishes the challenge. Which she would feel better about it it wasn’t for Travis…

Travis is determined to propose to Kirsten. He has the ring and is coming up with ideas for how to do it with his roommate, Kevin (LaMarcus Tinker). Grayson promises Jules he will try to talk to Travis about it. But Travis is so determined, and is planning on taking advantage of his mom being stuck on the boat, and is going to do it this weekend. Grayson wants to tell Jules but Travis puts on his sad face, and Grayson agrees to keep quiet. Problem is, when Grayson goes to talk to Kirsten, she spills that while she loves Travis and will miss him, she is looking forward to starting the next chapter of her life. Ouch. Grayson tries to tell Travis, but he doesn’t really want to hear it. He takes her to the beach and proposes while Grayson and Jules watch from down the beach. We don’t hear her answer, but she runs off. Poor Travis. He says she said she loves him, but not as much as Travis loves her. Double ouch.

I was very proud of Jules for being supportive of Travis, and ultimately wanting Kirsten to say yes, if just to make her son happy. And I love that Grayson is so supportive of Travis. Wouldn’t he make a great dad? Dammit Jules, suck it up an get preggers. LOL. Also I love that Ellie loves Laurie (aka Jellybean), even if it is because she is so easy to mock.

Cougar Town Quotes:

Jules: Ooh, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard Travis say “I love you, too” without it being followed by “Now stop watching me sleep, Mom.”

Kevin: Girl, I got stuff for you.  (best song ever?)

Laurie:There is no punishment. Bobby never thinks about the consequences of his actions. Now he’s going to think about the consequences all day. That’s the genius of the no punishment punishment.
Jules: Ohhh…. (to Ellie) Will you explain it to me later.
Ellie: No, it will take too long.

Jules: I’m going to need a bigger boat.

Jules: I’m can do this. It’s time to suck up.
Ellie: That’s for boys.
Jules: It’s time to uterus up.

Grayson: I’m bored.
Jules: Chill. If you want to catch crabs you gotta be patient.
Grayson: Or unlucky

Jules: I love you, Trav.
Grayson: I love you too, buddy.
Travis: Way to make it weird, dude.
Grayson: Knew it when I said it.

Fun Stuff:

  • Jules pimp name:  Lady J Love Explosion
  • Seeing Tinker knock someone down. I miss FNL.
  • Bobby’s everything towel.
  • Dog Travis licking Ellie.
  • Bobby. Andy. Sumo Wrestling
  • Grayson: Jewlery Maker
  • Lou Diamond Phillips love
  • Little Richard – the anti Big Carl

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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