Cougar Town “Letting You Go” on Wednesday night was greatly genius in every way possible. I think the writers for this show deserve an Emmy, as does Courteney Cox.

One of the plotlines involved being able to have “alone time” at night, and how it’s hard to do when you live with someone else. If you can sneak away to do what you want – what would you do? Andy decided to wear his cowboy hat and dance to Enya. You know, this is why I’m a night owl. Not that Enya is my choice of music…but I like that at night I can do whatever the hell I want. The other night I ate shredded coconut out of a bag, because I just freakin’ love the taste of coconut. It’s weird. But at night you can do weird things and it feels okay. …This is totally why creepy people online are all scammy at night.


That last picture is actually just a dance from another moment, but equally great. You know what else is great? The fact that there is going to be a SCREAM 4. And the first teaser poster has been released!


scream 4 poster

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