Photo Credit: ABC

Cougar Town “Feel a Whole Lot Better” aired last night after Modern Family. This is an hour of ABC Comedy that I adore to itty bitty pieces. (So great is my love that it inspired me to nominate Courtney Cox Arquette as a future SNL host.) There were several gems on Cougar Town last night.

Gem # 1: Jules sing-narrates her life when she has something to hide. I love the idea of sing-narrating my life as I’m doing things. In fact, if I’m being honest sometimes I already do.

Gem # 2: The ladies of the show decided to reclaim their power by taking the infamous “That’s what she said” catchphrase, and turning it around into “That’s what HE said”. I.E. “So what am I supposed to do, shake it myself?” THAT’S WHAT HE SAID.

Gem # 3. In order to find the red balloon full of money Travis and Andy are told, “Hurt people if you have to. We can apologize later.”