Ken Jenkins is back as Jules’s dad and Nia Vardalos played her real-life husband’s sister-in-law this week on Cougar Town. Does anything else that happened really matter at that point? Yes? Oh all right….

Cougar Town Title Card:   We pretend…. Cougar Town  …is called Wine Time

Travis is still in mourning over Kristin turning down his proposal and has locked himself in his room. Being guys, his dad and Grandpa think it is a good idea to take him to a strip club. Jules goes to stop them, but Bobby takes him inside anyway. Because boobs are cheerful! Chick just hands his daughters some singles and takes her inside too. Turns out dad’s a regular strip-club visitor, which is why he always has singles. Inside the strip club, Jules goes into full Jules-mode, making sure there were naked ladies to distract her son. Poor Travis is not impressed and not helping: there was only one girl working (everyone else was picking up their kids, natch) who was very sad she had to “nude-up” for them. The strip club isn’t working for Trav, and it’s not doin much for Jules and Bobby’s relationship either. He says that he is just trying to be good dad now. But Jules says that two years of being a decent dad doesn’t make up for the 17 years he was a crap dad. OUCH! Chick, being the amazing man that he is, points out that the reason Bobby and Jules are really fighting is because they are upset that for the first time Travis has a problem they can’t solve for him. So in the end, Travis is still sad (seriously the kid is breaking my heart – and not just because of his hair!) but Jules and Bobby are there for him, together.

Jules is also mothering Grayson because he won’t stop playing roller hockey even though he can’t skate and keeps getting hurt. He is annoyed, but always having her blow on his boo-boos probably isn’t helping! Despite Jules’s objections, Grayson decides he is going to roller blade home. He is going so slow that a small child on one of those plastic fisher-price tricycles is going the same pace. They decide to have a race, down a hill, because Grayson thinks that is a bright idea. I got a little sad as he tells the poor small boy about avoiding relationships because Jules never lets him do things for him. The kid, being smarter than Grayson, doesn’t take the trip down the hill. Grayson does – and flies by the strip club into bushes. The kid shows up as he crawls out of the bushes, though he starts to think the kid is just his imagination. He HAS been hit in the head a lot today. Jules, Bobby and Chick arrive in he golf cart (Travis took Jules’s car) and they offer him a ride. But then Jules says she knows Grayson has to get home on his own. And then he swoons a bit because that is exactly what he needed to hear from her. Awwww.

Meanwhile, Ellie is annoyed because Andy is allowing his brother and sister-in-law to stay the night when they are in town. She says it is because she doesn’t want to set a precedent for future visitors, but it is also because his sister-in-law, Angela, constantly touches (and kisses!) Andy. In order to deal with Andy’s family without causing problems, Ellie asks Jules to use her as a human stress ball. She made need more than that though because Angela vaguely threatens Ellie’s life as a way to get to Andy. Wowza. Since Jules is at the strip club, Jules tries using Laurie as her stress ball, but Laurie doesn’t want to let her. However once Angela starts teaching Andy yoga, Ellie tells Laurie she looks like a dude, so bye-bye human stress ball! Ellie apologizes (sort of) to Laurie saying that in the end she knows that the two of them are friends even without Jules now. So Laurie shows up to be the stress ball again. But Ellie is so touched, she can’t do it. Instead she just tells Andy’s brother than Angela has been trying to sleep with Andy the whole time. So he pummles Andy, not Angela like Laurie hoped.

Cougar Town Season 2 Quotes:

Bobby: Love is a Battlefield.
Jules: Did you just quote Pat Benatar?
Bobby: Yep, I often do in tough siutations.

Chick: More mayo please. I’m 70, who cares?

Chick: We could take him to a strip club.
Bobby: On it!
Jules: Dad!
Chick: Honey, your mom is dead. And there are boobs everywhere.

Chick: So Trav, you want to split some curly fries?
Travis: Not unless it comes with a gun.

Travis: I mean, I loved her and she just walked away. Do you have any idea what that feels like?
Destiny: My fiance was murdered by a drug lord.
Travis:….so you get it.

Jules: (to Grayson) hop in you, can ride on my dad’s lap.
Chick: Not as much fun as Destiny, but he does have a feminine frame.

Jules: Wow, you’re lonely.
Chick: I really am.

Fun Stuff:

  • Andy is Cuban and can’t speak Spanish. But EVERYONE else does!
  • Bobby calls Grayson “Gee-whiz”
  • The Human Stress Ball idea
  • Laurie as a live-note from Bobby using her Bobby impression
  • Weiner-snigglets
  • Ellie putting a question mark at the end of any nice sentence to Laurie

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae