After over seven long months of missing the oh-so-quirky Cul de Sac Crew, our favorite (not-so) slightly alcoholic friends are back on TV. That’s right, kids. Cougar Town miraculously is back thanks to a last minute reprieve from the surely soon-to-be nominated for sainthood execs over at TBS. *clinks wine glasses*

Let’s pound some grapes and I’ll tell you my favorite part of the episode. 

The premiere episode of Season 4 may have come almost a year after the season finale of season 3, but it’s only been a week on the Cul de Sac. And that means that Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) are still newlyweds and learning what that means. For anyone that has been married, you know there is a shift in the relationship, even if you had already been living together before. And that brings me to my favorite thing about this ep – Jules is cuckoo just like me.

Even though they are married now, she wants the first week or so to still be magic between them. It’s too early for Grayson to know her quirks the way Ellie (Christa Miller) and Laurie (Busy Phillips) do. But when she has a dream in which Grayson is mean to her – and any sane person knows you have the right to be mad at someone who wrongs you in a dream! – it reminds her that she is afraid of Grayson seeing even more of her crazy. Which makes her “blue.” Which, as it turns out, is one of her biggest forms of crazy because when she goes “blue” she goes “BLUUUE.” Sometimes it makes me a little sad to realize I have so much in common with a crazypants character like her. But that’s what makes me love the show.

Of course, Ellie comes through as BFF and tells Grayson what he needs to know as the husband and now the holder of the torch for Jules’s crazy. And they are all okay in the end. Well, at least for now. The episode just served as a loud reminder of why I so enjoy and have missed this show. They are nuts half the time – whether it is Bobby (Brian Van Holt) not understanding sarcasm or Andy (Ian Gomez) not being able to poop in his own home – and yet no matter how far down the crazy spiral they fall, they are never too far away from being someone we can relate with on some level. Which is why Travis (Dan Byrd) who represents the audience, I feel, still loves them.

What did everyone else thing of the premiere? What was the funniest part to you? I loved whatever Jules did with her hands when explaining to Ellie what happened when she was zonked out on Ambien.

As for the Laurie/Travis stuff…. well, having seen the first 6 episodes I can tell you that continues to play out for a bit. So I’ll comment on that later.

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photo courtesy of TBS