Here’s what we learned from the Cougar Town All Mixed Up episode with had Jennifer Aniston as a guest star. (Proving that she does know still know how to wear more colors than just black, gold, silver and beige.)

  • Title cards can be funny. I.E. (Still) Cougar Town
  • Drown your sorrows in a larger version of what usually helps. For Jules, it’s a wine cup named “Big Joe.” (Jules)
  • Your therapist is likely more crazy than you are. (Glenn)
  • Incense is great – in theory. (Glenn)
  • Always leave a note if you hit a car. But what that note says it up to you. (Glenn)
  • Dogs can have communion.(Glenn, Glenn’s dog Gabriel.)
  • Don’t always be so available in relationships. (Grayson/Jules)
  • If you’re able to cheat on a bet, you should totally cheat. (Travis/Laurie)
  • A great accessory for a dog is a beer can opener as part of their collar. (Bobby)
  • You can still rock Farrah Fawcett hair. (Laurie)
  • Talking to park benches does not make you crazy. (Andy)
  • Taking a siesta at 2 pm is the best idea ever. (Andy)
  • Spying on your therapist is practically a must. (Jules)
  • Guys do weird things like going skin-to-skin with their chests to decide bets. (Bobby/Andy)
  • Both finger guns and penny can will always be cool. (Jules/Bobby/Grayson)
  • If you only own a few movies, make sure two of them are “The Blue Lagoon” and “Goonies.” (Jules)
  • You can call something a drinking game as long as you’re drinking when you play it.
  • Hanging out to have an Emilio Estevez marathon all-nighter is not something you need to¬† publicize if you’re a dude trying to prove that you are, indeed, cool.
  • Sitting on snails is funny. And sad. And gross. It’s a very complicated event! (Jules)
  • When trying to restrain a gal pal, you should both take one of her wrists to deter her. (Jules/Ellie/Laurie)
  • Don’t miss people. Dismiss them! (Laurie)

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