Enjoy these beautiful quotes from ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’ last night.

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Cosmos Quotes

“Our ancestors, they wove brilliantly imaginative stories, but they can bring us no closer to the stars than our dreams.”

“If you are sure of your facts, you should defend your position.” – Cecilia Payne

“Once our sun has died, all that will remain of it is a white dwarf star.”

“The psychedelic death shrouds of ordinary stars are fleeting, lasting only tens of thousands of years.”

“It took yet another few thousand years until 3 brilliant scientists unlocked the secrets of the true lives of the stars.”

“In science, the only thing that counts is the evidence and the logic of the argument itself.”

“It’s the destiny of stars to collapse.”

“Nothing lasts forever. Even the stars die.”

“Stars to dust, and dust to stars.”

“The destiny of a star such as alminon? The event horizon, and eventually, a black hole.”