Relive the most powerful quotes from Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssy during the episode titled, “The Lost World’s of Planet Earth.”

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Cosmos Quotes

“The past is another planet. But most of us don’t really know THIS one. We don’t see the mountains for the water.”

“No matter where we hail from, who our parents were, we are descended from the hearty survivors of unimaginable catastrophes.”

“The dinosaurs never saw that asteroid coming. What’s our excuse?”

“Wherever you walk on earth, lost worlds lie buried beneath your feet.”

“The past, is another planet, and so is the future.”

“And the earth shakes! Not because someone is being punished but because of geological forces.”

“A catastrophic extinction event for one species is a golden opportunity for another.”

“Our sense in the stability of the Earth is an illusion created by the shortness of our lives.”

“Tectonics continue to shape our planet. The future is another earth.”

“There are places on this planet where you can walk through time.”

“Thanks to Marie Tharp, we were at last ready to read the autobiography of Earth itself.”

“Each of us is a runner in the riskiest relay race that has ever been run. And we each hold the baton in our hands.”