In the April 2011 Teen Vogue (I was reading it because my sister had it, okay?!) Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries had a feature and a cover, and rightfully so. I fell in love with three of her looks, and I’m going to copy one of them here for you. Only, I’m going to pretend we’re all people with normal bank accounts who can’t afford genuine Prada shoes.

If you like this look, you should seek out a white shift with a boatneck or low scoop neckline, green sandals with silver studs or hardware, silver bangles, and silver pyramid stud earrings. Bonus points if you can find a white dress with texture (look for lace). This look can go glamorous (as seen on Nina) for a prom or special event, or you can use flat sandals and a white linen dress for a more casual look that has the same essentials to it.

Nina Dobrev Style, clockwise from top right:

  1. Michael Antonio Teness Green Studded Sandals, $75.00: Here
  2. Lauren Wolf Jewelry Silver Pyramid Stud Earrings $60: Here
  3. 9 Piece Bangle Set $26.90: Here
  4. ASOS High Cut Neck Shift in White $53.79: Here
  5. Lily Pulitzer Lela Shift Lace, $328.00: Here

Image from Nina Dobrev Fans

This has been a Small Screen Scoop style decoder piece.