jay leno

Why’d he wait so long to talk if this was the truth?

(Or have I become a conspiracy nut? Are NBC execs aliens*???)

So we’ve gotten a statement from Conan O’Brien, and last night Jay Leno finally spoke openly on his show about this NBC debacle. I’m left wondering if I’m easily manipulated, or was just too quick to make up my mind that Jay was a bad guy. I’d always thought Leno had willingly given up his Tonight Show job, but I guess not. It’s still not nice to take it back (and Conan is the one with a ‘family’) but it seems like Jay was led to believe that Conan would be fine with the offer. I don’t know. After you watch the clip, let me know if you still feel you’re on Team Conan or Team Jay. Is this just good PR (but if so, why wait SO long to say anything?), or a case of the network messing everything up by trying to make things better (like when you try to smooth out your nail polish mess-up and it just makes it worse)?

*Can the aliens look like Zachary Levi? Ty!