If you survey under 10 people per state, is your survey…sound?

This information will certainly enlighten companies sponsoring the Olympics. It turns out that the marketing firm Arnold Worldwide has some facts on the Sochi Olympics consumer viewing (and sharing) habits. (Arnold Worldwide wants to remind companies why sponsoring the Olympics is paying off for them.)

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With an expected audience of more than three billion viewers worldwide1, new research by Arnold Worldwide shows that sponsor brands will benefit from the broad global audience as well as the integrity and authenticity of the Olympic Games brand.

“Among sports organization, the Olympics has high velocity-–more trusted than any other sports organization, with higher dynamism than all but the NFL,” said Neela Pal, Global Director of Brand and Business Strategy. “Both the Olympics and other sports organizations are perceived as traditional and fun, however, the Olympics is also viewed as having integrity and being authentic. With advertising spend during the games expected to reach record levels, that’s an important advantage for brands among this rare broad audience.”

However, how much of what people answered was less “the truth” and more “what they want to pretend their truth is.” Many of us like to think, in advance, that we will fullfill our New Years resolutions. We like to believe that when we buy a juicer, we’re about to become addicted to beet smothies. We love to tell ourselves all sorts of things. But when faced with the reality… we eat chocolate bon bon’s and put the juicer in the attic.

While research says that 82% of people surveyed said they would probably be watching the Sochi Olympics, it would be most interesting to follow-up and see how many of them are actually watching them.

Additionally, you’ll be shocked by the small amount of people who were surveyed for this all-important research.

This is what Arnold Worldwide’s research says about who’s watching/tweeting about the Sochi Olympics:

  • More than 8 out of 10 plan to watch: 82% will or might follow Sochi Olympics – 47% will watch, 35% might follow the games
  • Multi-Screen Consumption: 74% of Sochi Olympics followers will consume content on multiple devices/screens
  • Live access everywhere on any device key: 64% say it’s important to watch it live
  • Social sharing on the rise: 62% likely to share Olympics content via social media
  • Most popular platforms: 35% to use Youtube, 34% to use Twitter

Here’s what that REALLY means

  • A fair amount of people were predicted to be watching The Olympics (but they don’t tell you how many actually are, now)
  • Because people like to watch the Olympics live, that is good. No DVR skipping.
  • People are tweeting and talking about the Olympics on Youtube, however, there’s no reason to believe this would at all translate to people tweeting about these sponsors.

Important Information about the Surveying

Archived Arnold Worldwide research reports available for download at: http://www.scribd.com/arnoldworldwide

However, not very many people were surveyed. “Arnold Worldwide conducted an online survey of 400 U.S. respondents, aged 18+, between December 12 and 18, 2013. The survey sample was nationally representative.” If 400 people were surveyed and there’s 50 states, that means only 8 people in each state were surveyed.