Hey, Greendale has stables (now)!

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Community Season 5, Episode 3 Recap “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics”

Pro’s of Community “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics”

  • Shirley’s sons singing “Creep.”
  • The immediate way we could tell this episode was formatted after a drama/crime show.
  • Annie’s binder of newspaper clippings.
  • The music and credits being changed to accommodate the episode. There really is a formula for everything, isn’t there?
  • The idea that all of the students are bloggers, writing for different Greendale newspapers, and all want quotes and pictures.
  • “Human’s make better banks than Piggies.”
  • “He should be called “the run-on-sentence” bandit.”
  • The idea behind Defcon 4. Who understands defcon’s?
  • Professor Duncan is back!
  • Protesting the wrong Korea!
  • The ACB is code for The Ass Crack Bandit
  • Annie and Jeff together again, like partners in a crime show. The seriousness of it all!
  • Troy as a victim, and Abed with cups of water and gray blankets for him “This is how they comfort victims in movies.”
  • “Guess what, your two cents is changed, and it’s banned!” – Dean
  • “If you wanna make trouble, go to Parker Brothers, you’re out!” – Dean
  • “All sandwich five dollars, sorry, no change!” – Shirley
  • The song being requested from the radio to Real Neal. The paranoia everywhere!
  • “I see a man, using a social disorder as a procedural device. I see another man… Mildly autistic super detective’s everywhere. Basic Cable..Broadcast networks… Pain…painful writing. It hurts.” – Abed
  • Jeff Winger IS A DAVE MATTHEWS FAN. Who isn’t? “Excuse me for being alive in the 90’s and having two ears connected to a heart.”
  • Annie’s research took about 40 seconds.  That was a fun bit. “Done!”
  • Troy’s Law. “A camera in the bathroom is better than a quarter in your but.”
  • Belts, Briefs, and Bodies.
  • “Bend over with friends over.”
  • “I got cracked!”
  • Neal’s yelling.
  • “The student that attended can vouch for him.” Of the science dance.
  • Ben Folds!In an evil lab that reminds me of that Batman movie with Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy.
  • “Let me be like the 50’s person to ask, what is this?” – Dean, about the “cutsie capers.”
  • Snapping to trace a call.
  • Platonic Shoulder Holding
  • “Real fans call him Dave”
  • Annie getting her dropped keys.
  • That this episode was like a really amazing 90’s horror movie for teens. Like Urban Legend, back before Jared Leto started wearing eyeliner and Alicia Witt got a nose job.
  • Pierce is dead.
  • “To date, no more crackings have been reported.” That means that even if it WAS Pierce, we could always have a copycat!

Con’s of Community “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics”

  • How true Abed’s ideas about Basic Cable crime shows are with their formula.
  • Chang’s backwards disguise. (Although I did enjoy the churro bit.)
  • Not sure if I enjoy that they invented stables, or not.
  • How braindead and dumb the ACB was. Why couldn’t he be clever AND like ass cracks?
  • Starburns is back. I kind of don’t care. So that’s a con. They can’t keep recycle things that people used to like, to make us like the show. We need new things to love.
  • The weird force from the writers about how Britta and Professor Duncan are going to get together. (So Jeff and Annie will be the new couple, for good.)
  • Nobody but Jeff and Annie got cool crime-show alter egos.
  • So who was the ass crack bandit…, it was everyone? Or Pierce?
  • The special songs in this episode. Eeeehhh.
  • Community is prepping us for Donald Glover leaving, so the endings aren’t Troy and Abed anymore. This time it’s Starburns and a cat car. his Kickstarter mocking was pretty enjoyable, I guess.