Jeff made a lot of dioramas, but did he build enough to graduate on time?


General Thoughts

I didn’t like that Jeff was pushing at Abed, testing him. He didn’t need to roll any dice. And it seems like emotional roulette to try to trap Abed like that.

Now, this Jeff Winger double … that was weird. Evil Jeff. Evil doppelganger. Whatever. And I don’t think other people like this either… we like the show and the humor, but this doppelganger stuff doesn’t play so well. So, uh, don’t center yet ANOTHER episode all about it! We know it’s all about a metaphor, but this time they made it seem very real.

Returning to “the darkest timeline” didn’t do anything for me. And I’m sure everyone is sad that there was no paintball. (That gun with the blue paint doesn’t count. Not at all.) (EDIT time!) …Of course, the last half of the episode DID turn into paintball. Which was pretty much a fun relief!

Community season 4 has been the weakest season so far. Do I think this could be because Dan Harmon is no longer attached? I do. And do I think that NBC should renew Community for season 5 anyway? Absolutely I do. They can make adjustments and get back to the quality they had in the first three seasons.

Overall, the finale was decent but not nearly as good as we’re used to.  I wanted even more emotional impact…and it felt strangely lacking in that. And seriously, I am pretty emotionally invested in this show…so what does it say when I don’t have any tears at the end?

Of course, I hope this isn’t the end.

Best Quotes

Pierce, you have so many credits you have grand-credits. – Jeff

So this is it. A banner and some soda that Troy forgot to bring? – Annie

All for one and one dude we can leave behind. Everybody go! – Troy

Don’t logic this one away from me. We finally figured out a way to make paintball cool again. – Abed

I see you have all the necessary paperwork. – Dean
Necessary? You asked for proof of inseam. – Jeff


I’ve been looking to graduation since registration. – Jeff

(About soda) Must I bear this cross forever? – Troy

You nonevil’s are so naive. – Evil Jeff

Is that a paintball gun?- Abed
You wish. – Evil Jeff

Speaking of great idea having… – Troy

Whatever losers. See you never. – Jeff

Why don’t we go celebrate somewhere private and boozy. – Annie
Why are you talking like a mistress in a Lifetime movie? – Jeff

Something happened when I rolled that dice. Something terrible. Something only nerds can understand. – Jeff

It’s either us, or us. – Abed

That bow tied itself. – Jeff

Nobody sleeps with Jeff, not even me! – Annie

Burn on Britta. – Dean


Best …Stuff!

Dean’s song “Dean, dean, dean” to the tune of the graduation march.

Wedding/Graduation mash-up.

Joel McHale shirtless.

Troy-jan horse sandwich.

Dean in a wedding dress (Dan Rash has good arms, man!)

Mentioning The Cape (that Summer Glau show that was canceled for being dumb)!

Chang yelling “friendship!”

Pierce’s doppelganger has a wheel leg. Ha.


Dark Timeline Annie had especially great hair and makeup. Yay for Alison Brie!

Britta, Troy and Shirley dressed like they’re in The Matrix. I like costume changes. The idea…I dunno how keen I am about that.

Hopefully we’ll be here for Community season 5! If there is one. Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC