Hello there, dear readers. Do you know WASSUP? Well, what is up is that Community season 3 is returning to NBC with John Goodman as a guest star. To celebrate they’re singing, dancing, and acting like the fools we’ve come to love and laughably try to dress like. (Yes, I’m an Annie girl with cardigans. I bet you guessed right. I just don’t have a Britta vibe. Even my text isn’t carefree enough to channel our favorite eternal 90’s grunge child.)

“We’re gonna be less weird – and have more fun – than the first two years combined,” the gang sings in this promo. But I really hope they don’t act less weird. You don’t show up at Crazy Al’s Pancake and Icecream Emporium and just order a boring hamburger, you know? With all of this singing and dancing, is it so wrong to ask for a Community musical? It is now that I’d like to mimic a cartoon and shove a microphone into Dan Harmon‘s face for his reply*, except I’m a little bit terrified of him… this oddly doesn’t affect my love of the show. Go figure. And go watch the video below, damn you!

*I’m also sure he’s been ask about a Community musical episode before.

Thanks for reading this ol’ TV Blog. Go Greendale! (Ow, I just popped my jaw. Where’s Magnitude?)