Community is a great show, and they proved that during the Emmy’s with their “Road to the Emmy’s” promo’s. I listed these as one of my top fifteen things about the 2010 Emmy’s. You might have missed these if you watched this with skipping the commercials. So…here you go!

Watch Joel McHale and the entire cast of Community as they take a journey to the Emmys. They have great food (How I Met Your Muffins, The New Adventures of Old Crispies, Lost Carrots), play fun games like Emmy seat filler, and more. I daresay it would be more fun to be in a car with the cast (or characters) of Community than going to any Emmy party.

Aside from the three Community vignette spots that ran during the Emmy’s, I also have video of a behind-the-scenes moment of filming those spots!

Psst. The 10 WORST Things About the 2010 Emmy’s

Community – Road to the Emmys – Promo 1

Community – Road to the Emmys – Promo 2

Community – Road to the Emmys – Promo 3

Community – Road to the Emmys – Behind the Scenes