A new student is coming to Greendale, and let’s just say he might get a little “LOST.” Ahem! You love when I’m cheesy, right? Or do you just like sexy pictures? If you don’t, avert your eyes….

community josh holloway

Josh Holloway (That’s Sawyer on LOST, to you!) will guest star in the Community Season Two Finale Episode. This is a two-part finale that picks up the paintball warefare fans loved so much in Community season 1. (And in their constant re-watching of the Season 1 DVD.)

Via Press Release:

In the episode, Holloway guest stars as a mysterious figure, who emerges on the Greendale Community College campus when another game of paintball breaks out. The two-part finale finds the students of Greendale taking on another round of paintball warfare as a follow up to last season’s acclaimed “Modern Warfare” episode, in which students battled it out for the ultimate prize – early registration.

Holloway, who is best known for his recent starring role in the television series “Lost,” will also star in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

Source: NBC Image: Lost-Media

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