In this body-switching episode, Dean Pelton did a get impersonation of Jeff.

Troy and Abed switched bodies.

Troy and Abed switched bodies.

Community “Basic Human Anatomy” Review

This review is done in a live-blog style.

Troy and Britta’s one year anniversary. Has it really been a year?

Annie and Shirley both want to be Valedictorian.

I’ve been told I look like a Kennedy. – Pierce. Not a funny bit, but possibly the only “passable” thing that Pierce will say in this episode.

Troy and Abed Freaky Friday and switch bodies. With a routine light switch check. I love that both of them thought to do it without either saying, “hey let’s do this thing.” They just GET each other. And seeing Donald Glover act like Danny Pudi (and vice versa) was pretty fun.


Annie was so excited about banners. And Paint vs Puffy Paint – yes, there’s a difference.

What do you want me to do? – Pierce
Stay alive. … Or don’t! – Jeff
I’m on it! – Pierce

Seeing Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) act like Jeff (Joel McHale) was also a lot of fun. And, see, Annie is attracted to confidence. Ergo, she now wants the Dean.

“I would rather watch a napkin sit and do nothing all day than to even endure the trailer for Die Hard.”

Half past suck

Gollum body!

Murder Mystery Night during the day. I’d be game.

What I wouldn’t give to spend some time in the Greendale lost and found.

Like Troy and Abed, I haven’t been enjoying the Britta and Troy relationship. Has anyone? Their break-up isn’t upsetting to me.

Holy makes no sense whatsoever.

Early weekend, early weekend, early weekend?

Troy and Britta’s hug at the end was necessary, though. I liked it. It might have been the thing I liked best about their entire relationship…

Community Season 4, Episode 11. Photo Credit: NBC