Every episode of Community is a test. Did you learn everything you should have? Here,  you can borrow our notes!

  • Donald Glover still really wants to be the next Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • Life can always be like high school. Even when it’s college.
  • If you don’t like something that’s going on, it’s probably not a good thing. (Jeff/Britta Jeff/Annie)
  • Community season 1 is now on DVD. But we knew that since we have a copy up for Giveaway!
  • Telescopes shrink your enemies. (Troy.)
  • The Cranberries will always be awesome.
  • You can rent George Clooney impersonators.
  • Twilight books have one message: men are beasts. (Jeff)
  • TV has structure, rules and likable leading men. (Abed)
  • George Clooney played Batman? Oh yea, he did.
  • The most important tool that humanity has is respect. Or maybe just a giant crossbow.
  • Friendship is more important than 600,000 strangers.
  • Shit my Dad Says might be a really dumb TV show.
  • If you’re using Betty White as a guest star, you should really use her.

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