On Community, Abed put together a touching video yearbook. Were you in it? I’m surprised that Abed used the comic sans font, as that’s the worst font ever. But anyway, I was hoping there might be a longer video yearbook online, but it’s still the same one – just 30 seconds long. Maybe they’ll have a longer one on a Community Season 1 DVD, though. Finger’s crossed!

I love when Jeff says “Photo not available”. I always wanted to not be in yearbooks, I would train to hide from them like the people with camera’s were assassins. Who wants to make their bad teenage hairstyles last forever in print? In college, they gave you a free yearbook just for showing up to be in it! I like the idea of a video yearbook, except it seems like it’d be so long and boring to watch more than once.

abeds video yearbook

Watch Abed’s Video Yearbook: Don’t worry, it’s not one of those “take your top of” kind of videos. Ten bucks is worth it!

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