The limited-edition canvas bags graciously given away at The WB booth at Comic-Con events for the past four years have been dubbed the Con’s “ubiquitous accessory” with good reason. They’re fun, free if you’re there, and incredibly collectible.

Warner Bros. Entertainment and Comic-Con are teaming up this year to make sure that if you’re attending Comic Con 2010 you’ll be walking away with one of their 11 unique collectible gift bags. Instead of battling your way through fans for this must-have prize, you’re guaranteed one. Sounds like a nice deal, huh? But do us a favor –  if you aren’t a major fan of the show your bag has on it, be willing to trade with someone. Don’t make little girls cry because they can’t get their Vampire Diaries bag with Ian Somerhalder‘s face. Seriously.

To see which bags might be most popular, we have a poll. We love polls. Take the poll already!

The Vampire Diaries vs True Blood? Favorite Male TV Vampire POLL (NOTE: Damon Salvatore is winning, but can we keep it that way?)

Each bag will have one side with official Comic-Con artwork for the 2010 event, and the other side will feature a TV show represented Warner Bros. Entertainment. The 11 different bags feature: The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Fringe, Human Target, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Looney Tunes Show, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Clash of the Titans and Brightest Day.

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If you’re worried about getting a bag, again – don’t fret too heavily. As long as you already have our – we mean YOUR – tickets, there should be one for you. There have been 125,000 of these bags made, and you’ll receive your own specialty bag during the check-in process. No mobs, please. And if you could all remember that deodorant isn’t optional, that’d be great…

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Comic Con runs July 22-25 in San Diego.

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