Forget his natural talent. Christina Aguilera would like to see (as said by Adam Levine) “More boppin, please.”

Cody Belew sang the “big song” by Tina TurnerĀ  on The Voice live show. And we all know that’s – – -“The Best.”

Adam said Cody is one of the best natural performers who is still in the contest. “You’re so comfortable up there and you love performing…”

Blake said, “You always sound good, but you own the stage. It’s good to see you up there, man.”

Christina was not as impressed. “Yea-” she faltered. She said she wants to have more uptempo and more bopping around on the stage.

“More bopping please,” Adam quipped.

Cee Lo said he enjoys Belew so much. He even called him a “comrade.” Then during his gushing he added, “You remind us that this is still fun.”

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