Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

Tonight on Bravo a NEW episode of The Rachel Zoe Project airs at 10/9 c. I’m crazy excited to watch it, as per usual! Rachel and Brad are in “Fashion Heaven” aka in Paris for Paris Fashion Week! But guess who isn’t with them? That’s right, Taylor.

After Brad lets us know that platforms are here to stay, and Rachel lusts after a silver dress she sees on Jessica Stam things feel like they’re going swimmingly. That is, until Brad checks in with Taylor. Taylor is grumpy pants! Well, if you missed the Chanel show, you’d be grumpy, too.

Trouble arises when an important client is not pleased with dress options for a fashion shoot. Will Taylor help save the day or leave everyone high and dry? Would YOU want to have to rely on Taylor in that moment?

Quote: “That’s actually impossible and I don’t think anything’s impossible.” – Rachel Zoe

Watch three clips of The Rachel Zoe Project below!

Fashion Orgasm

Taylor is Not Happy – Brad looks a little like Chris Pine in this clip, no?

Can’t Breathe

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