Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

A new episode of The Rachel Zoe Project airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9c. This is actually The Rachel Zoe Project season 2 finale! It came upon us so fast, I know! In the finale we’ll find Taylor frustrated (as always), Rachel being stylish (as always), and Rodger being the sweetest husband (as always).

What’s new is that because Rachel is having challenges with vertigo she has been told by her doctor to SLOW DOWN! Those are two words that she doesn’t deal well with. But she does have a solution… it involves Rodger. And this solution doesn’t go over well with Taylor.

Rachel calls a team meeting to announce that Rodger will be taking over the business side of Rachel Zoe Incorporated.  But how will this affect Taylor’s role on the team?  With her frustration with her job at a breaking point, Taylor finally confronts Rachel with her issues and her future on Team Zoe – will Rachel honor her requests or will Taylor quit?

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Frustrated Taylor

Taylor’s In A Mood

Rodger Takes Control

Changing Her Lifestyle

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