Though he may seem powerful, Clint Eastwood may not have the power in his own house. Are you ready for a Clint Eastwood reality show? Well, it’s happening.

For this new Clint Eastwood reality show, we may not seen tons of Clint, however. This weeks Enquirer (print) says that Clint will make a few cameo’s but is not a fan of being on a reality TV show.

Clint Eastwood is married to Dina Ruiz aka Dina Eastwood and has two teenage daughters. The eldest is Francesca (18) and the younger is Morgan (15.) The Enquirer says it is those three who pushed for the reality show. It sounds less like gossip than some very sound, predictable assumptions.

“Clint’s an extremely private guy and hates the idea of having TV crews around the house, peering into their everyday lives,” said the friend. “After a lot of arm-twisting, Clint finally agreed. But he said he would only appear in a few cameos, at the very most.”

The source continued: “Clint’s wife and daughters begged him to do it, so what could he say? They wore him down.”

According to the source, Francesca (Eastwood) wanted her dad to do it to help with her budding acting career. And Dina, a 46-year-old TV news anchor, hopes a reality show will help launch a possible modeling career for Morgan (Eastwood.)

The show will air on E! Do you plan to watch?