Hart of Dixie finally came back on last night after a seemingly endless hiatus. But there was one member of the cast that was missing…

"Bachelorettes and Bullets" - Pictured: Claudia Lee as Magnolia Breeland in HART OF DIXIE on THE CW. Photo: Michael Yarish

The lovely Claudia Lee aka Magnolia Breeland. Well, Rose (McKaley Miller) was missing too. Anywho, I talked to Claudia Lee today about what is to come with that troublemaker, Magnolia.

First, though, we talked about the last time we saw her on our screens, way back before that hiatus. She had a double storyline. First she was writing a song with Wade (Wilson Bethel). I assumed it wasn’t hard to make googly eyes at Wade, and Lee agreed with me. She said she “had a blast exploring that double storyline for Magnolia and examining both her rebellious and innocent sides.” The rebellious side came out as she snuck around with Wade. The innocent side, well, that was pretty much summed up when she wore the helmet. We both agreed that was silly and pretty darn adorable.

Also, there was finally a real story between Magnolia and her father, Brick (Tim Matheson). All of her flirting with Wade, finally brought out the Dad in Brick and he realized he needed to do a better job with his little girl. Lee said that she “was really excited to have those scenes. It was great having that moment with Brick and Magnolia.” She also let me know that the relationship would be explored more as the scene progressed.

Now onto next week’s episode, “Bachelorettes & Bullets.” Well, the title is sure ominous. As we saw in the previews, George (Scott Porter) tells Zoe (Rachel Bilson) that he saw Lavon (Cress Williams)  and Lemon (Jaime King) kissing! Oh dear! What will she say? I don’t know, but I do know that Zoe is going to Lemon’s bachelorette party! According to Lee, “it causes some confusion for Cricket and Annabeth… and Annabeth and Zoe continue to grow closer in their friendship.” I’m sure Cricket (Brandi Bruckhardt) and Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) are confused, especially Cricket as she seems easily confused by a lot. But also because it seems strange to have Lemon’s self-professed mortal enemy on this trip.

Anywho, Lemon doesn’t throw her own bachelorette party, although I’m sure she’d like to. “Magnolia gets to plan the bachelorette party and she gets a little too excited to do it and gets carried away. She starts to add things that she would want, not Lemon.” Given Magnolia’s love for hot older guys with their shirts off, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised a stripper shows up on that bus, huh??

"Bachelorettes and Bullets" - Pictured: Claudia Lee as Magnolia Breeland in HART OF DIXIE on THE CW. Photo: Michael Yarish

Beyond the strippers (and bears! What was that about?!) Lee promises that “the viewers will be kept on their toes… it is an episode with a lot of emotional twists and turns.” Just like any good bachelorette party should be, I suppose. I don’t know. Mine was pretty low key. No strippers on buses. Perhaps I should divorce my husband so I can marry him again and do this part of it over? Don’t worry… I’m sure he won’t read this.

In my last interview with Claudia Lee, we discussed some bracelets that both Magnolia and Rose would be wearing in future episodes. I brought it up again, but that Claudia is pretty sneaky and just told me that they may have some significance and “you’ll just have to tune in to find out.” Well played, Claudia. Well played.

And while it had nothing to do with her episode, we had a little convo about the wonder that is Gary Cole as Dr. Ethan Hunt. I honestly could talk to anyone about how great I think he is. We both agreed that most of last night’s episode we just wanted to walk through the screen and give Zoe a hug. Never leave Bluebell, Ethan. Never.

As for what she will be doing over the hiatus – well, until CW gives word of a pick up, “crossing all my fingers and toes for season 2.” But she will have to uncross them from a bit as she continues to focus on her burgeoning music career. In that last interview we also talked about her album Here Right Now which she will continue to promote with a radio tour. A new single will be released very soon, so be sure to catch that by staying up to date on her website. (http://claudialeelive.com/) Oh, and you know, she will be heading back to school in the fall. As a sophomore. In high school. (I feel ooooold.)

I can’t wait to talk to Miss Lee again and in the meantime, everyone be sure to check out Claudia and the rest of the cast on Hart of Dixie, Mondays at 9pm on The CW.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on twitter @serrae