Even if you don’t love Clare Crawley (and her emotionally exhausting roller coaster ride with Juan Pablo), the internet certainly loves her gold bar necklace. FINALLY, we know where you can get your own.

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While you can find similar necklaces all over Etsy, the exact necklace is from the Jamie Israel Etsy shop, “James Michelle.”

Clare’s The necklace is stamped with the word, “creer.” In Spanish, it means “believe.”

We wouldn’t know where you could get this necklace without a tip from none other than The Posessionista, Dana Weiss. And her site has a great giveaway for it right now:

Stay tuned for our Bachelor news on your TV recaps hub, Small Screen Scoop, tonight. Of the other women still left, Clare would probably remind you that: “No creo que tenemos una mínima chance.” (I don’t believe they have a chance.)