Let’s say that you are a cool TV nerd who happens to like the NBC TV show Chuck, and you also have a kind, generous spirit. This makes you more than just an awesome potential friend for me (hit me up, yo! I promise not to say “yo” anymore) it also makes you someone who might really enjoy the third and final Chuckfest Charity Event – Chuckfest3. This event is spearheaded by a group called WeHeartChuck (WHC). They’ve got a lot of love.

Every good spy needs love. And a few explosions.

I got a chance to talk with Wendy Farrington, who not only was part of the widely successful NerdHQ Volunteer Staff, but is the WeHeartChuck Public Relations Director & Chuckfest Event Coordinator. Hi, her life has to be way busy, right? But there’s two things she will always take time to talk about: Chuck, and charity. And why is that? She said, “I’ve made countless friends via social media in the Chuck fandom while bonding over the struggling ratings, but the most extraordinary thing I’ve seen come out of these fan groups are the philanthropic efforts.” See, we fans can have fun and also find ways to give back.

What is Chuckfest3? It’s THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. Fans meet other fans, as well as certain Chuck cast members, collect fun swag, and generally have a kickass time.

Behold, the kickassery!

Editor’s Note: I’m lucky enough to get to talk with different TV celebrities on the regular. I wouldn’t say I’m jaded, but the point I’m trying to make is… not every TV show cast is this willing to make themselves available to fans. Just watching this video makes me get a little teary. You don’t have to experience it first hand to understand and respect when true kindness is being shown to the world. And I don’t mean just from the cast. Oh, no, no no. The people who put this event together don’t have to donate the money to Operation Smile. But the fact that they do (and that you guys buy tickets to support this) proves that you all have generous, kind hearts. There are amazing people (mostly nerds, let’s be honest!) in this world, you just have to seek them out. Some of my favorite friends have been born out of friendships online from people who love the same fandoms I do, or who are also writers. /end unprofessional-but-neccesary-tangent.

Chuckfest3 details: It will take place on Saturday, November 5th in Santa Monica. Tickets went on sale today (Thursday) September 22, 2011. Proceeds from the event benefit Zachary Levi‘s charity of choice – Operation Smile. During Chuckfest 2, over $17,000 was donated to this charity. And this year, the gang wants to do even more. And you can still get in on the action. Head on over to to Chuckgasmic for even more details. The cast members involved aren’t listed by name, but by my guesses, it’s very possible to expect Zachary Levi, Vik Sahay and Joshua Gomez.

The only downside is that these tickets sold out in 20 minutes. I wonder if there is a way to expand the venue and make this a more inclusive event to help Operation Smile? There are a few tickets that will be raffled, of course!

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P.S. Wendy took time to read our recent post about how the shows Chuck, Fringe and Supernatural have more power than the TV executives realize. She very astutely said, “It’s my belief that until such time as the networks start measuring and monetizing audience engagement factors, the greatest power that fan groups (WHC, Browncoats, etc.) possess is their ability to make a difference through charity works that change the lives of people around the world. Even if we can’t ‘Save Chuck’, we might just save a life and in the grand scheme of things, that’s certainly something to celebrate and far more important than a tenth of a Nielsen rating.”