Intense and emotionally thrilling, “Chuck vs the Santa Suit” was a wonderful Christmas present for Chuck fans.

Chuck vs the Santa Suit Review

Highlights of the episode included the return of the Big Bad Danial Shaw (Brandon Routh) who captured Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and isolated her from her team. Shaw is right in saying that Sarah is a strong spy, so making her the victim isn’t something that’s happened a lot on the series.

Another great moment was seeing Santa (Chuck) being kissed by General Beckman (Bonita Friedricy) all in the name of helping out Team Bartowski. Or Carmichael. Or whatever you want to call them these days! It’s been exceptionally fulfilling to see Beckman break her stern set of rules and show her soft interior.

Lowlights of the episode included Sarah keeping her noisy platform pumps on her feet as she was trying to sneak around Castle to avoid Shaw. It was distracting, because Sarah is too smart to forget such a major detail.

There wasn’t a lot of Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Alex (MeKenna Melvin) in this episode, but what we got was pretty fantastic. Casey had tracked down an old teddy bear toy that could record electronic messages. After he leaves a sappy message (because he figures he’s about to die) he realizes he can use the bear to save himself, and Sarah. Later, we see Casey deliver the bear and the message to Alex. He even endorses Morgan (Joshua Gomez)!

Ellie Bartowski (Sarah Lancaster) finding a way to get a bit of justice for Shaw killing her father, while staying loyal to her brother was a damn heartwarming moment. Ellie may be a Mom, but part of being a Mom is being protective, right?

We already know Sarah is protective, but is she a Mom? It’s pretty impossible to imagine Sarah got pregnant and had a baby during any of the time we’ve known her. Which means if she did give birth to a baby (Shaw kept saying he knew all about Sarah’s past, he got a bit stalkery in prison) it happened before the pilot. And since there’s a Sarah Waker-focused episode which Tim DeKay as her former handler, it seems very likely this could be the case. Then again, since it’s such an obvious leap, maybe there’s much more to this baby story.

Will the team rejoin the CIA? Will Morgan get the intersect again? (There have been rumors that he will.) Will Chuck get the intersect again – and, if he does, does it defeat the point of the show of Chuck being a hero in his own right?

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Misc Great Things:

  1. “Stan Lee’s a spy? That is so weird!” – Chuck
  2. Mo Collins guest star spot as Caroline (She’s from MadTV and Parks and Recreation)
  3. “I’m a much bigger nerd than you thought I was.” – Chuck
  4. Subway Promotion!
  5. “Chuck has a plan.” -Sarah
  6. “Pucker up, Bartowski. You’re about to become a man.”

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