While none of us Nerd Herders are happy that Chuck season 5 won’t have a full season (or 100 episodes to its’ name, ugh) the silverlining to this is that the pacing of the plots is snazzily supercharged. “Chuck vs the Frosted Tips” didn’t just leave us with an Alias-inspired cliffhanger, the entire episode packed a hell of a wallop. What the show might have fit into five episodes, was condensed into one masterfully tailored episode.

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The standout moments can all be boiled down to character dynamics.

Alex and Morgan (Mekenna Melvin and Joshua Gomez) – Grimes sent Alex the coldest break-up via text, and had apparently been standing her up on the regular, already. You cold hearted snake, Morgan! Now that he’s getting help, it’s only a matter of time before he A) apologizes to Alex and B) tries to win her back. But I don’t want her to make it too easy on him!

Casey and Alex (Adam Baldwin and Mekenna Melvin) – John Casey is a protective guy. He protects America, dammit! So you damn well better believe he’s gonna protect his little girl! Seeing her heartbroken, and needing her father just to be there for her – not give into his murderous impulses – was sweet.

I love the idea of Alex turning into a Daddy’s girl, and not just because I happen to be one, myself. Alex has missed out on having a Dad. And they’re still figuring out how to interact with each other. Casey would do anything, literally anything, for Alex. And I think him showing her that is amazing. The only thing better would have been a montage of Casey watching Lifetime movies, eating Chunky Monkey alongside Alex, to help her grieve. And since Alex and Morgan haven’t gotten back together (yet!) this still could happen.

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Chuck and Morgan  (Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez) – Obviously, most of the episode centered on this bromance. (Why don’t girls get a term, though? Gal pals is the best I can come up with, but it lacks pizazz.) Chuck was able to save Morgan using the “yellow crayon” method aka if you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6 then you know what I mean. It boils down to loyalty and love and friendship – and memories of all of that, even if it gets buried.

Lester and Clara  (Vik Sahay and … one heck of a cute baby) – Well, wasn’t this an unexpected surprise?! Lester has a way with the babies. The way Awesome put  Lester right in front of Clara and said, “guard this child with your life!” was one of the best moments of the episode, only to be followed by Lester cooing that Clara was the chosen one (or did he mean himself?) I was getting all sorts of vague Willow (1988) feelings.

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Devon “Captain Awesome” and Jeff (Ryan McPartlin and Scott Krinsky) –  I’m so excited (and scared!) to see how Jeff and Lester will be now that Devon has “fixed” Jeff. I’m surprised that Jeff listened to Awesome and actually stopped sleeping in his car, but it’s interesting to see just how well he cleans up. And yet, part of my heart mourns for the carefree Jeff, and for the fact that Lester has essentially lost his best friend.

Sarah and Ellie  (Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster)  – I’ve always longed for these two to have more of an evident gal pal relationship on the show. Even though that hasn’t happened, Sarah knows Ellie is part of her family now. And, face it, that’s damn sweet. She also knows that if anyone knows Morgan better than Chuck, it’s Ellie.

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Chuck and Casey – When they were loading up their guns, without hesitance, after seeing Morgan had stolen the drive? I bet Casey has never been more proud of Chuck. Of course we don’t want Chuck to ever shoot Morgan, duh. But Chuck is human, and sometimes we humans have bad first reactions. Just ask me about … no, I’m not bringing up the water polo event ever again… *shifts eyes*

Sarah and Morgan – When Chuck leaves it up to Sarah to invite him to stay on their couch, I’d say it’s a real growing moment in their own little friendship. Sarah is supporting her husband, sure. But she’s also being a good friend to Morgan.

Chuck Songs / Music for this episode

Rock the House by The DeeKompressors

Strangers In the Night by The Morning Benders

Get-Together by Serengeti

Through the Crowd by Hotel Lights

Grade for “Chuck vs the Frosted Tips”: A

Rewatch? Yes, the entire episode.

Demerits? Not nearly enough of Chuck and Sarah and their newly married crazytimes. Not having Ellie, in person, try to help Morgan.

Gold Stars? The obvious Matrix stunt. Beckman’s reaction to Morgan in the car. Chuck and Morgan saying each other’s names with elongated vowels. The idea of a back-up juicer. Casey saluting the Ronald Reagan picture in Gertrude’s office. Need I go on?

React: What would you grade this episode? Which character interaction listed above was your favorite? Do you even own one juicer? If so, do you like yours and should I buy one?!

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