Inside this Chuck season 5 review: Ninja Stars of Death, Joshua Gomez reminds me of a cute ewok, and the importance of impromptu moonwalking.

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Chuck Season 5 Review “Chuck vs the Business Trip”

Well, Morgan didn’t have the intersect for very long. But I really love his attitude about life. He accepted that he had to get rid of the mind-melting intersect, but first wanted to do one last cool thing. And what was that cool thing? I’m not even sure how one describes the way Joshua Gomez moved around as Chuck and Sarah (Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski) threw ninja death stars (that’s what I call them, I think they’re actually called “ninja throwing stars”) at him while he eluded and caught them all. Hell, he even moonwalked during this segment.

But Morgan has had to face real consequences from his time with the intersect. He was a jerk to Alex (MeKenna Melvin) and that pisses Casey (Adam Baldwin) off – something fierce. As soon as the intersect was gone, Casey punched Morgan and said, “That was for dumping Alex.” Right on! I mean, poor Morgan… but I love how Casey is able to so openly share his emotions when it comes to his daughter.

In further retaliation, Casey messed with Morgan and “Star Wars.” It’s sad that Morgan can’t remember so many things! So, Casey fooled Morgan about which “Star Wars” movie he liked best, then dumped spoilers all over him. Yiiikes. I hope he could still enjoy the ewoks. (Gomez reminds me of a cute ewok.)

Later on, Casey found it in his heart to forgive Morgan. Maybe, partially, because he knew he was about to be arrested and out of the equation. He invited Morgan to move back in with him, then gave Morgan “all three” of the “Indiana Jones” movies, lying about the existence of the 4th movie that I have been told really sucks. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know that “Scream 4” existed, so I think this was really sweet of Casey.

I’m curious about how they can prove that Casey is the murderer, btw. I mean, were there cameras? But that was a nice twist. Although, no, I don’t love our big bad for this season… He’s powerful and evil but somehow I just don’t feel like he’s as powerful as he’s proved himself to be.

There’s a nice parallel to Casey’s arrest, because Jeff had Lester arrested, as well! I kept expecting it to be a joke, and that Jeff was going to explain that they could still find ways to be friends and joke around… but, no. That did not happen.

One of the themes throughout the episode was Sarah and Chuck wanting to be normal, or trying to be. I think there was an especially great line in the begging where Sarah says, “We’re not normal, but we’re happy.” Well, they spent the rest of the episode still trying the normal thing, anyway. But I think there’s a super strong sentiment (alliteration) in how you don’t have to be normal, but you do have to be happy. So, sacrifice the “should’s” in your life and just get to the business of happiness. (Unless it involves something illegal.)

There are two things I didn’t really love about the episode, the first being at how shallow the Devon/Ellie storyline felt. I understand this was the B/C storyline, but the realization that Ellie wants to stay at home fell a little flat. And there was nothing to work through, Devon just happily agreed that he’d go back to work. And, worst of all, we didn’t get to see the couple interacting that much at all or talking about it.

The other little issue that bugged me is how Sarah says that Jane invited her out to coffee, and Chuck immediately says “Jane is the viper!” That was his suspicion. And true though it was, it was kind of judgmental to assume no one would want to have coffee with Sarah! Hello, she’s a pretty, sweet gal – why wouldn’t someone think she’s got friend potential? I bet half of those conferences are all about networking, anyway, right?

All in all, this was another solid episode of Chuck.

Other great things

  1. “Sounds like jibberish to me.” – Morgan “It is.” – Sarah
  2. More taco nights
  3. Baby Yoga
  4. I really wish I could Rent a Devon / Rent a Captain Awesome because he’s so damn productive and energetic and caring!
  5. Get your mingle on. Don’t mind if I do.
  6. I totally want lie detector pads for my fingers. God, I would abuse that power, though.
  7. Sarah with one foot up in the car.
  8. “No more killy killy.”
  9. Big Mike yelled out “pineapple” – did you miss it?! Nice callback to Chuck season 1.
  10. “There were e-mails and there were super computers!” – Morgan
  11. Were those hotel walls so thick that Sarah couldn’t hear all the thumping on the other side?

Grade: B

Rewatch: Yes, during a Chuck season 5 rewatch

React: Guys, I want to know – what did YOU think of this episode? What was your favorite quote?