Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez) is way too nice of a best friend to render Chuck (Zachary Levi) as merely the Robin to his Batman. Ergo, Batman and Batman. That’s right, you fine olks, it’s time to review “Chuck vs the Bearded Bandit.”

chuck vs the bearded bandit

I want to start off by saying I think that the more accurate metaphor for Chuck and Morgan would be Bruce Wayne and Batman. Of course, Chuck (and the gang) aren’t currently very wealthy… and Morgan’s car is nothing to brag about. But you get the idea. Chuck and Morgan are two sides of the same coin. But, when it comes to differences it’s clear that Morgan is approaching the spy life very differently than Chuck ever did.

Morgan is a bit more gung-ho and reckless than our season 1 Chuck Bartowski was. Instead of being hesitant, Morgan is eager to jump into situations and use his powers. (Ladies and gentlemen, I present…the cutest bearded bandit, ever!) But being so ready for action means he’s making some mistakes.

Aside from a questionable judgment call that resulted in Morgan leaving Team Carmichael for Verbanski Corp (plus, revealing that he has the Intersect!), Morgan also seems to be experiencing some mind meltdown. That is, his memory is failing. I think it’s really interesting that it’s happening, and I wonder if The Governor watch will be able to help at all.

Casey (Adam Baldwin) admitted he had a sexual rendezvous with Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Ann Moss), but his call to her portrayed him as a shy guy who is actually interested in her. You know, more than just sexually. And we’ve never really seen Casey express much of an interest in pursuing anyone that the CIA didn’t order him to track. Personally, I’ve never slept with someone who had just tried to kill me, but Casey makes it seem like it really stays with you. Huh. Speaking of couples…chuck vs the bearded bandit

Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Chuck didn’t have a lot of relationship “stuff” in this episode, but we saw that even married couples will obviously have their moments of misunderstanding. But Sarah is completely supportive of Chuck and his intersect-less lifestyle. Ever since the start, Sarah has never liked Chuck because he was a spy. She almost had to like him despite the fact that he was a spy. Seeing them jog in the park together was super sweet.

What was less sweet involved our main spy story, where one brother was trying to kill the other. Carmichael Industries made a mistake, and almost got the good guy taken hostage. Oops.

Next week on Chuck season 5 we’ll see the fallout of what happens when everyone learns that Morgan has joined Verbanski Corp. And this is the episode where we’re supposed to see Alex (MeKenna Melvin), Morgan’s girlfriend. I wonder if she’s noticed any changes in her boyfriend…

React: All in all, this was another fantastic episode of Chuck. But what did you guys think? What was your favorite scene of the episode? I’d have to say I enjoyed Morgan putting on a mask and accidentally robbing the clerk.

Things to do this weekend if you find yourself in Chuck withdrawl

  1. Modify action figures to create a Batman!Morgan and Batman!Chuck. Bonus points if you take a Nerd Herd car and give it a Batmobile vibe.
  2. Give your hair a beachy wave like Sarah’s hair had in this episode.
  3. Film your own fake tour of a Buy More a la Captain Awesome. (Make sure to give yourself hefty credentials like being a brain surgeon or astronaut.)
  4. Go rock climbing. (Yvonne Strahovski made it look easy, though. I suspect that even on a fake, indoor rock wall, it’s pretty tough.)
  5. Have a movie trilogy night with Star Wars or Die Hard. (Try not to worry too much about Morgan’s memory lapses…you know they’ll fix it in the end!)

Stay tuned to Small Screen Scoop for our full Chuck vs the Bearded Bandit recap by Melissa Miller, up tomorrow.