A million Chuck spoilers kept saying there would be an episode this season that would make all Sarah Walker fangirls squee, but I thought they might be overhyping it. Turns out they weren’t.

Chuck Versus the Baby Review

The flashback scenes of Sarah Walker seemed unreal because they were just so flawless. The table scene was amazing. Sarah was fearless. Yvonne Strahovski has never been better than in this episode, which allowed her to show an enormously large range of emotions for the present Sarah and the past Sarah.

If we don’t mention how cute Zachary Levi on the floor with the little girl was, you’ll rebel. Or I’ll rebel. Someone will rebel! Something about seeing him laughing and being at ease there makes me hope that Chuck and Sarah end up adopting Sarah’s “little sister.” It’s not that I was sitting around demanding that Sarah get pregnant or else I wouldn’t be happy with Chuck season 5. But now that we’ve had this tease… man, I want it. My biological clock works best with fictional characters, you see.

And while I do love Chuck and Sarah, & Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Devon (Ryan McPartlin), & Alex (MeKenna Melvin) and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) I want to talk about a threesome. …oh, la la. Except it’s not a sexy one, shut up! Casey (Adam Baldwin), Chuck and Sarah. One of my favorite scenes from “Chuck vs the Baby” was when Sarah ran outside of her Mother’s house to see Casey and Chuck beating up some bad guys – cause they have her back.

But it’s not just Casey that has Sarah’s back. The coordinates given by Sarah were for her house, and Chuck called Morgan to be there. When Chuck and Sarah arrived, the entire gang was there taking care of business. And by taking care of business, I mean playing Mario Kart.

I loved the parallel of how Sarah was having her Mom (Cheryl Ladd) help her with the baby over the phone (in the flashback) almost like she was taking instructions on how to diffuse a bomb. Sigh. And did you catch how Sarah’s Mom tells her, “don’t freak out”?

There are smaller notes to mention such as Chuck having been eyeing a dresser at Anthropologie, the trivia about the rubix cube, Tracy Chapman mix CDs, Captain Awesome being an A+F model, the baby in the gun case as an improvised bassinet … augh, everything.

What about how great Chuck and Casey were in the streets of Hungary with that translation book? Yea.

Ellie and Awesome helping Morgan out with Alex was really great. But what was equally great? Their sexy spy play!

Although part of me was screaming about the logic of carving your name into a house, because Chuck and Sarah would have to pay for damages or get sued or something… but this ending moment was incredibly romantic. And I know fans of this couple like to call them “Charah” so ideally Chuck’s name would be first… but I like that Sarah took the initiative on this one. It shows real growth in her character.  Sarah’s had many changes. The one thing that hasn’t changed? She’s strong. And while her new friends and family can make her stronger and also give her new weaknesses, this was a character built to be a heroine.

Don’t you just want to stare at the image of “Sarah + Chuck” forever? Isn’t it… just everything?

Yes. It’s everything.

Raise a glass to series creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz and “Chuck vs the Baby” writers Laura LeFranc and Rafe Judkins.

Chuck Quotes (Note: These are incomplete, please correct them for us!)

“…why you need so many guns.” – Chuck

“Wiking facts about Hungary is harmless!” – Chuck

“We won at life!” – Devon

“How about a game of Sorry?” – Morgan to Alex

Chuck airs Fridays on NBC for five more weeks. Then on our DVD players for years after that.