Two GRETAS return to the Buy More, and it seems they have a little something extra going on in their heads. Maybe Chuck isn’t so special after all?

We haven’t missed much during the two week hiatus from Chuck – Morgan is still keeping Casey’s secrets (they even practice some torturing, just in case) and Sarah and Chuck are stuck sitting in Castle waiting for a mission. To bide their time they play Operation, of course. But before Sarah can be lured in with the excitement that is Final Fantasy II on Super Nintendo (memories….. uh oh, showing my age!) they spot Casey returning a REALLY big sniper rifle and start to wonder if he is taking missions without them. Casey brushes them off saying,”maybe the intersect has made the world a more peaceful place.” Undeterred,Chuck and Sarah follow Casey to the secret wing of Castle, and are surprised to find that the hand reader that let Casey in will not let either of them in.

Chuck tries to get info from Morgan, but Morgan uses that same intersect made the world a peaceful place line. Good for Morgan for standing his ground with Chuck, however it probably would have been more believable if he didn’t look like he was going to faint. Chuck and Sarah go the old fashioned route – trailing Casey. In Awesome’s Toyota Sienna. (One of my favorite in-show advertisements ever: Chuck says that opening the automatic doors is “like using the force.” Way to know your audience, Toyota!) They find Casey making a trade with some shady guy in a warehouse. The deal starts to go south, so Chuck and Sarah drop in to save the day, but instead the day is saved by the two holding guns on Casey – GRETA and GRETA (Isaiah Mustafa and Stacy Keibler).

Turns out Casey has been running with a new team – the GRETAS, or Captains Rick Noble and Vicki Dunwin. They are not very friendly, at all. And neither is the “General Beckman” of this team – Director Bentley (Robin Givens) who Casey describes as “not as warm and cuddly” as Beckman. Oh dear.

Sarah asks Beckman  what the heck is going on, but Chuck seems more worried about which is the “A-Team” and which is the “B-Team,” because who wants to be the B-Team? Beckman, as always, ignores Chuck and his silly questions and gives Chuck and Sarah a mission (yay!). The guy that Casey grabbed, The Turk, is not the main guy the CIA is looking for. They want Dragan, an arms dealer who has a big weapon to sell on the black market. (Who doesn’t?) But in order for the Turk to talk, he wants Yanna. Wife? Mistress? They don’t know, but Chuck and Sarah need to go and get her. Turns out…. Yanna is a dog. Guess who is the B-Team?

Meanwhile, Awesome is dealing with a wife who has cabin fever. As he says, “Ellie makes up for twelve hours of not talking to another adult in about twelve minutes” when Awesome gets home. And boy howdy, does she! Ultimately, this whole storyline is just about Ellie deciding she wants her Dad’s computer back, because figuring out that mystery will give her purpose. (Also, it is inevitably going to be a major plot point….) When Awesome tells Chuck, Chuck says to just tell Ellie it is at the Buy More and Ellie will believe Jeff and Lester lost it. Solid alibi, since obviously, Chuck couldn’t get it back to here – it’s in a basement at Langley. (Or is it…..???? Foreshadowing!!!) Ellie uses her feminine wiles to get Jeffster to ignore Jeff’s possible psychic powers (really?) and get on the hunt for the computer. Of course, Jeff’s psychic powers tell him CIA has the computer. But Lester reads it as “see-ya” so no worries about national security there.

Back at Castle, Sarah decides not to take this B-Team stuff lying down and wants to hunt Dragan down before the GRETAS do. Problem is, The Turk is behind that 4 inch steel door that blocks off Casey’s new digs. Since Chuck doesn’t seem too keen on Sarah’s “lets cut off Casey’s hand” idea, they decide to tranq poor Morgan and use glasses that scan for bio residue in the apartment. (“Yuck, sounds like a CBS show,” says Chuck. HA!) Of course, there is a hand print on Ronald Reagan’s face, so they have their key to The Turk. But once inside the forbidden area, Sarah finds something much more interesting – Dad’s computer. That has the intersect on it. And after a fight with Rick and Vicki, Chuck realizes he is not the only intersect anymore. (Dun dun duuuunnnn. Ok, now a small rant. Wasn’t the reason Chuck had the intersect because Chuck was somehow special?? And that is why they never de-intersected him, despite having that technology? And they worked so hard to make sure HE was the one who got the intersect back after he lost t? Suddenly any bad ass can get this thing in their head? Why doesn’t everyone get one then? Isn’t Chuck being special the reason Bryce Larkin sent it to him in the first place?! Someone help me out here, please. Let me know in the comments what I’m missing. )

Bentley reveals that she is heading the new intersect program that fixes all of Chuck’s inefficiencies (his emotions, his inability to kill), which explains why Rick and Vicki are such robotic soldiers. Bently tells them, “The CIA’s two intersect teams were never supposed to, well, intersect.” (Boooo. Bad pun). Sarah and Chuck are mad at Casey for ditching them for a newer and better team, but he says he didn’t do that – he was a third wheel to Chuck and Sarah’s team and now he makes a difference again. All this is dropped when Dragan is found, and Casey decides the only way to get him is with all five agents.

They go to the airport hangar where Dragan is coming in (Hangar 23, btw – that Josh Schwartz is obsessed with LOST. Or maybe it’s just me….) and Rick and Vicki take out all of his guards. Naturally, the weapon he has is a lot worse than expected – it’s a suitcase nuke. So the “Hurt Locker” outfit Casey put Chuck in to diffuse the bomb really isn’t going to make a difference. It gets crazy here – so to sum it up: The detonator IS Dragan. His heart needs to beat to keep the bomb from going off. Of course, Vicki is a robot now, so she shoots him and starts the 5 minute countdown. Rick is useless in diffusing the thing, but Chuck saves the day and somehow knows that saltwater will diffuse the bomb – so he uses the apple juice Casey gave him earlier. (Brief “awwww” moment that Casey knew apple juice was Chuck’s favorite!)

In the end, Rick and Vicki go back to being regular GRETAS – without the intersect it turns out they were both happy to give up. Turns out those emotions and non-trigger-happy inclinations of Chuck’s are good for something! Chuck is now in charge of the intersect program. But Bentley isn’t done, despite orders. She wants a Bartowski to figure out the problems with the computer…. so she takes it to Ellie. (And right after Awesome talked her out of her stay-at-home mom blues, calling her Mrs. Awesome. So sweet, that guy!) When Awesome walks in and sees Ellie  on the computer he knows is super dangerous you can see his mind have a minor implosion. What will happen with the computer? And how long till Ellie finds out Chuck is spying (again)?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae and follow her blog I Heart TV

Ep 418: The Big Extraction

The mysterious “Jana” whom Chuck and Sarah are sent to retrieve turns out to be a dog.

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