chuck vs first class

Chuck VS. First Class Review —In this episode of Chuck, the man in question goes on his first solo mission which involves going first class on a plane to Paris. Casey and Sarah were against him going on the solo mission, but Agent Shaw (Brandon Routh) decided Chuck was ready. “Charles but my friends call me Chuck” Chuck got lucky enough to sit next to Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) on the plane.

At the Buy More Morgan was having trouble getting respect from his friends.
Morgan claimed at one point, “As assistant manager, I claim this cup of coffee for me.” Would it be weird if I started saying variations on that?Like, “As the only human in the house, I claim the right to blast the Mamma Mia soundtrack”? Well, I’ll work on that. Besides, that cup of coffee tranq’d him! To be fair, that wasn’t something his friends did to him on purpose.

I really did love the tranq pen in this episode. I want one. I promise to use it only for evil. Wait, I mean good. Yea. You know what else I loved in this episode? Zachary Levi in a suit! Mmm.

Back to Morgan & Casey, Casey got on board with helping Morgan when he phrased what his friends were doing as breaking rules. “Insurgents? I hate insurgents,” Casey practically growled. Morgan made Casey his Lieutenant.

The heart rate monitoring watch that the bad guy was using? Totally genius.

The way that Chuck ‘flashed’ to use a sword reminded me a bit of Echo on Dollhouse and how she’d access different skill-sets from a variety of personalities. Chuck is a lot more likable than Echo.

Wouldn’t it be so sad to be THATCLOSE to Paris and never be able to get off the plane the way Chuck had to stay? Depressing! Of course then there was that crazy-romantic ending. So…yay! And next week’s episode looks kickass and fun.