Many secrets were revealed in this week’s episode of Chuck. The identity of Agent X. The Bartowski siblings’ extra-curricular activities . And possibly the identity of the guy that killed Osama Bin Laden this past weekend….

chuck's bachelor party

The episode started in Provo, UT in the depths of a CIA substation that holds many, many files. A woman walks in – more accurately, a hot chick wearing revealing clothing – and her breasts are too much for the guard on post to handle, so she easily takes him out. Turns out hot chick, Jasmine (India de Beaufort), works for Riley (Ray Wise) evil lawyer for the evil Volkoff empire. They are there to find a device that tracks the Orion computer.

Back in California, Ellie is still hard at work on the computer. She has found that all loops (I won’t even try to use the terms she did) lead back to the picture of an old house. Devon is busy getting ready for Chuck’s bachelor party, in Vegas (or is it?) and Ellie is all set for Sarah’s party as well. Back at the Buy More, Jeff, Lester, Morgan and Casey are also getting ready for the weekend. Jeffster is pimped out in their Vegas-wear. Morgan is relaxed knowing Devon is in charge of the weekend. And Casey is just excited to head to the gun range to use his “fancy targets” – such as one with Osama Bin Laden on it. (I think we all know where Casey was this weekend. I can’t wait to see him meet Obama and get some sort of medal.) Big Mike comes in sad because his lady (aka Morgan’s mom) won’t let him go to Vegas for the weekend, but Morgan being a spy and all now, comes up with the idea for them to lie and say they are doing inventory all weekend at the Buy More. Awesome.

And last, but certainly not least, we see the soon to be newlyweds getting ready for their weekend. Sarah is in the tub – both to let Chuck know what he will be missing and to keep male viewers glued to the screen during this not so exciting part of the episode – and Chuck is wearing the clothes equivalent to a mullet – party on the bottom (shorts) and business on top (shirt and a jacket). The two discuss how Ellie has been constantly on the computer since she lied to Chuck about it. Chuck says he isn’t surprised because she has always loved and excelled at puzzles. But he knows the truth needs to come out, so he is going to use this weekend to talk to Devon about it.

Back in Provo – Riley and Jasmine get a lock on the computer – Echo Park, CA. In case anyone was wondering exactly where everyone lives. (By the way – does anyone else live in that condo comlex? I have so many questions about that. I mean how many shoot outs and parties have gone on in that courtyard, and no one ever comes out of another door….)

The guys are all in a limo heading to Vegas. I start to wonder why Devon is the one driving, but it becomes clear quickly – they aren’t going to Las Vegas. They are going to Las Vecas – a state park in Nevada. No one is excited. Except Jeff, who apparently knew that is where they were going all along, and is a big fan of some of the wild mushrooms that grow there. Of course. Meanwhile, Ellie tells Sarah they are going to a spa in Santa Barbara to get massages and body wraps. Sarah is not thrilled. At all. Until Ellie surprises her with a party instead. She knows Sarah better than that! Odd thing about the party – it is essentially filled with people Sarah doesn’t know because, besides the Cat Squad (who are busy in Libya), Sarah doesn’t really have friends. Poor pretty girl. But before Sarah can even enjoy the party, she gets a text from Beckman – the Orion computer has been compromised. At this point I got a little nervous that Sarah was going to try to hide all of this from Ellie, but I was pleasantly surprised when she told Ellie right away – while getting a toilet paper wedding dress put on her, because this is a bachlorette party, after all. When Elllie goes to give Sarah the computer to keep it (and everyone else) safe, she discovers Devon took the bag with the computer. Ruh-roh.

yvonne strippersSarah is going to try to call Chuck to warn him, but then a black-ops team arrives…. actually they are just strippers, because if you are throwing a bachlorette party for a spy, you can’t go with the standard delivery guy stripper, can you?

Back in Vecas, the guys are all still pretty upset, despite Chuck trying to get them to see all the good things about where they are. So Chuck and Devon go for a hike, where Chuck take the opportunity to tell Devon he knows about the computer. Devon apologizes, saying he was just trying to help his wife. Chuck gets it, but it’s dangerous and the secrets are tearing the family apart. Before they can talk about it any more, Casey and Morgan come and shows them that Jasmine and Ray are there to get the computer and let Vivian have it to get the info about Agent X. Before they can really do anything – Jeff wanders into the campsite and assumes Jasmine is a stripper. But she ties him up and gives him truth serum instead. Jeff is so excited! A mercenary finds the guys in the woods, and Casey kills him. Chuck goes to deal with Jasmine, while Casey has Devon and Morgan make spears out of sticks so they are distracted and he can go on and kill all the other mercenaries. While Chuck and Jasmine fight, she accidentally puts a knife through the computer and then Casey knocks her out. The guys get the heck out of Vecas.

(Before we get to the good stuff – a brief synopsis of what happens to Mike and Jeffster. Instead of staying at the Buy More for the weekend, they hop in Mike’s Corolla and head to Reno. Unfortunately they decide to let Jeff drive part of the way and end up in Reneaux, British Colombia. But there is a small casino/steakhouse there, so all is good for the three big dorks.)

chuck season 4

Safe and sound, back at the apartments, Chuck, Sarah and Devon all agree that it is time to let Ellie in on everything that has been happening – including Chuck still being a spy and having the intersect in his head. Chuck says it needs to come from him. So he goes to see Ellie and they have one of those Bartowski family talks that I have come to love. They lay it all out there- Chuck tells Ellie he knows about the computer, and Ellie realizes that Chuck is still a spy, much to Chuck’s chagrin since he had a whole speech planned. Ellie isn’t mad or surprised. She gets it. They are adorable. They agree no more secrets – but Chuck says he has one more. He takes her to the Castle where Sarah, Casey and Morgan are waiting. He tells Ellie that he is the intersect, and when Ellie doesn’t really believe it, he demonstrates with a samurai sword as Casey, Sarah and Ellie all look on with pride – not just with Chuck, but with Dad for creating the intersect. Great moment that I think a lot of us have been waiting for!

So the 5 discuss the computer. Chuck tells Ellie that he is Agent X, but she says he can’t be because Agent X was created when Dad implanted a new identity into an operative on November 21,1980 – so definitely not Chuck. The identity was used so the operative could go deep undercover, but something went wrong and the program took over. Stephen spent his whole life looking for him. (At this point, I figured out Agent X – but still enjoyed the last 20 minutes that took us to the reveal!). To find out who it is, they would need the computer, but it has a knife shaped hole in it right now, so Ellie assumes she won’t be able to figure it out. Except let’s remember who Chuck was before Bryce Larkin put a computer in his head – the greatest Nerd Herd employee ever. A nice throwback montage later and Chuck has the computer fixed. There are two pieces of information on Agent X: a nearly completely redacted document, with only the name Hartley still showing and the picture of the old house, which Chuck flashes on – it is in Somerset, England. They realize the date of the house picture is a week before Agent X was created. The gang gets ready to go, and Ellie wants to come. Thankfully, Chuck points out she is mom to Baby Clara, and tells her to stay put.

yvonne strahovskiChuck, Sarah and Casey arrive at the house to find a little old woman. They tell her they have car troubles (Sarah whips out another accent!) and the little old lady lets them in and offers some tea while they wait. Casey worries she is poisoning them. But they all take a tentative sip and everyone is fine. They bring up Hartley to see if the old lady knows him. She says he was a previous tenant, but he left behind a box of personal items. Which she will give them if Chuck helps her. She leaves him in the hall while she goes to get a flash light. Speaking of flashing – Chuck flashes on a picture in the hallway and realizes the old lady is lying, just in time to turn around and find her with a shot gun. He tells her he is here to help her son, but she doesn’t trust the CIA. He says his father helped though, and she realizes he is Stephen Bartowski’s son, and hopes that Chuck is going to fix Hartley.

Unfortunately for the crew, Riley and Jasmine found the house too. Gun fight ensues with more than a little help from grandma. She gives Sarah and Chuck the key to go and get Hartley’s spy will from the vault downstairs while she and Casey hold off Ray’s men. With a HUGE Rambo-esque automatic. Casey asks if she knows how to feed the bullets into it for it, but she, being the BAMF that she is, tells Casey he is feeding to her. Oh my gosh – Casey’s face. Fantastic. As she shoots everyone an screams “eat this you bastard” I half expect Casey to kiss her. Then when she declares that they will scuttle the house (rig it to explode using grenades and string) Casey claims she is the mother he never had. Love it!

chuck agent xSarah and Chuck get the spy will and the four of them run out of the house just in time for Jasmine and the mercenaries to come in. Grandma explodes he house with all the bad guys except Riley inside. Grandma says Chuck reminds her of Hartley because he didn’t care for guns either. And Casey – well, he loves her. I want him to take the old lady home with him.

Back in Castle they open the spy will and find some discs inside and a picture… of Volkoff. (Looking young, and James Bond-esque. LOL) Casey finds the Agent X files on the discs and takes them all into the interrogation room and turns off the camera. He tells them they are to tell NO ONE including and especially Beckman that they know this. The CIA created the most murderous man on the planet not exactly information they want made public. So if the CIA knows that they know – they are all dead. Casey takes the spy will the intersect wing to be locked up, and Chuck and Sarah decide maybe they can fix this problem themselves – and that is what dad really wanted.

Who is excited for next week? The previews looks amazing!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae