One thing we learned on Chuck tonight: if you ever want to get the Super Shuttle guy to pull over and let you off, threaten to expose yourself. Second thing we learned on Chuck tonight: Super Shuttle can be quite the adventure!

We started tonght’s Chuck with a flashback to 1988 where a young Sarah Walker was pretending to be a girl scout to con cash out of unsuspecting cookie lovers. This is why I only buy from the girls outside the grocery store! Of course, she is not doing this is on her own, but with the help of her con man father, Jack Burton(Gary Cole). He gives Sarah her share, which she says she is putting away to save up for an adventure with her dad.

Back in the present day of 2011, Sarah and Chuck are sitting with their wedding planner, Daphne Peralta (Lisa LoCicero, who is also on General Hospital. Which I love. Just saying…. I may have gotten a little over excited when I saw her.) They finally agree to all of her plans and write her a check. For $26,230. They even had wedding plan booklets made out for everyone. They are laminated. Although, when Morgan flips through his (he is very excited) he notices that the font they chose combined with the red/black colors screams “Socialism.” Chuck asks Sarah about their color choices, and they decide to call Daphne to talk about it. …But her number is disconnected.

Then they go to see her, and the address on her business card is no good. Uh oh. They have been conned – and Sarah is PISSED! Like, really really mad. A con shouldn’t get conned.

When the CIA resources turn up nothing on Daphne, Sarah turns to the one guy who would know what to do – her dad. She flies down to Florida to meet up with him and interrupts a con with some Japanese businessmen. (She is also in front of the worst green screen ever for those 5 seconds. Why? I’m assuming she wasn’t actually available when they shot the scene with Gary Cole, but still. Annoying) He doesn’t know Daphne, but says if the resources you have aren’t working and you need higher clearance to get more, you fake the higher clearance. He also finds out that Sarah is CIA (something he never found out the last time he was on the show.)

Back at the Buy More Alex and Morgan try to convince Casey that it is time to tell Alex’s mom, Kathleen (Clare Carey) that Casey is less dead than she previously was led to believe. Casey claims he isn’t avoiding the issue, and just wants to do it the right way. And he doesn’t want her to think he gave up on their life so he could work in a Buy More. But it winds up not really being much of a choice because who walks into the Buy More right then but Kathleen. And despite Alex and Morgan’s best efforts, she spots Casey. Casey just doesn’t know it.

Thanks to Dad’s advice, Sarah comes up with the brilliant plan to have Chuck fake flash on Daphne in order to get to use more CIA resources. At this point, Yvonne Strahovski gives the greatest version of Chuck’s “flash face” ever, saying he looks like he “saw something really bright and tasted something really sour at the same time.” Chuck gets a very sad face at this point and walks away. Of course, he still does it and Zach Levi’s fake flash face is hysterical as well. Beckmann wants to know who this woman is and why she is dangerous. Unfortunately Chuck is never one that does well under pressure, so he says she is connected to a really bad guy. Basically he said she works for Osama Bin Laden. So then Beckmann brings in the NSA, CIA, and FBI. This is good because now they have access to all of their resources but it’s bad because now the entire goverment is searching for Daphne and are ready to take her dead or alive. Cue Jon Bon Jovi. Just kidding. That didn’t happen on the show. But it may have happened in my head.

Back at the apartments, Jack is trying to get into Sarah’s place, but Devon stops him. You know, because he is neighborhood watch – even with Clara in a baby bjorn. After some awkward introductions, Jack invites himself over to Devon’s (where is Ellie? work?) and finds Chuck and Sarah’s wedding plan book despite Devon’s genius plan of hiding it under a newspaper. However did Jack get past that fortress?

When Chuck receives a text from Devon about it, he tells Sarah but they don’t have time to worry about it because they find footage of Daphne getting on a Super Shuttle. Something Sarah is unfamiliar with. Though I suppose most people who drive a Lotus and work for the CIA probably don’t need to call for the Super Shuttle to take them to the airport. Chuck manages to call and get a reservation on that exact Super Shuttle – of all the far fetched things that have ever occurred on this show, that has to be the most completely ridiculous. Never gonna happen! But letting it go… So, Chuck gets on the Super Shuttle and surprises Daphne. She is a clever one and claims that he is a stalker ex-boyfriend who is exposing himself. Ridiculousness ensues (see the start of the recap) and they get her off the Super Shuttle. Meanwhile, Beckman has also been tracking Daphne because she is a big bad. As Sarah and Chuck try to convince Daphne they are CIA, but she thinks they are trying to con her – until Casey knocks her over with a big net.

Back at castle, Chuck and Sarah are in big trouble with Beckman, and even when Chuck Flashes on the guest list of another wedding in Daphne’s book – the Klug brothers who are some Hungarian bad guys who for some unexplained reason always carry around a device called the zephyr and will all be at the wedding – Beckman won’t believe him. Though, she does say that flash looked less fake!

Another flashback: Sarah practicing the shell game con on her stuffed animals over hears her grandma (whom she lives with) telling Jack to get lost and stay out of Sarah’s life. So Sarah grabs her piggy bank, labeled “4 Adventures with Dad” and gets in the car with Jack. They drive off.

Back in the present. Jack helps Sarah, Chuck and Morgan run Daphne’s con so that they can get the Zephyr. They hijack a reception hall, and even Casey joins in when Sarah appeals to him after he comes to stop them. Things are going well. Sarah and Jack have a sweet moment on the dance floor, where she tells him that she is marrying Chuck. He tells her he knows, but understands why she didn’t tell him – he has sucked as a dad. After their moment, the Klug brothers show up. Sarah gets one to come in back and knocks him out. Morgan gets another.

When Casey goes in for number 3, he spots Kathleen who followed him there from the Buy More. They talk and she tells him she is upset because he gave up on them to work at the Buy More and be a security guard. And even worse, he allows Alex to think that he is some sort of hero, according to what Alex has said. He apologizes and she says just not to lie anymore. Sad face.

Meanwhile, Jack took care of the third brother, but they realize none of the brothers have the Zephyr – it’s a shell game. Over at the reception, the bride and groom go to cut into the cake, but it’s styrofoam, so Daddy Klug realizes something is wrong and takes Morgan hostage. Morgan lets them know where he is being taken thru the coms in the funniest way possible – “Oh, what a lovely parking garage.” They all have a stand-off, but before anyone can shoot, Jack comes in and talks Daddy Klug down, father to father. Saying at least he has been able to offer his daughter what Jack couldn’t. Awww… Klug gives up, and Casey has him arrested – with Kathleen looking on from her car.

Beckman is annoyed with Chuck and Sarah, but since they guy the zephyr, everyone is happy. She starts to ask how they did it without CIA help, but then thinks better of it. Smart woman, that General Beckman. At Casey’s apartment, he and Kathy have a nice talk. He tells her she has done an amazing job with Alex and she comments on how he is a hero and has done everything he has ever wanted. Will there be a romance in Casey’s future??

Jack, of course, is ready to leave right away. Chuck tries to get him to come to the wedding, but Jack knows better than to make a promise like that to Sarah. He agrees to stay for dinner though. When Chuck comes home from the store, he finds just Sarah is waiting for him. She isn’t disappointed though. She has come to terms with who her dad is.

In a flashback, again, we see that after Sarah ran away with her dad, he just took her for ice cream and then brought her home again. Her piggy bank was left in his car, though.

Cut back to the apartment – Sarah finds the bank on the bed with a note from dad. He never took any money from it, but he did add. A lot. So now she can have the wedding of her dreams and adventures with a guy who is better for her than he ever was. Cut to me crying. I may have some daddy issues.

This episode was sweet and a lot of fun. Thing is…. where was Ellie and Dad’s computer? What’s Vivian Volkoff up to?? There are only a few episodes left of the season!! But hopefully not of the series! I hope you all tweeted at NBC that you watched. It’s not too late!!

What did you think of Chuck versus The Wedding Planner?

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