Chuck has a nemesis. Castle gets remodeled (in the bad way). Kevin Bacon (the pig) is kidnapped. A million BM jokes. The discovery of Agent X. A fun episode of Chuck brought us all this and a murder mystery as well!

It appears, as of now, Ellie is not an intersect. However, she is becoming a neglectful parent thanks to her Dad’s computer. She spends all of her time going over the research that Papa Bartowski did on the mind. Ellie discovers that he was working on a way of putting knowledge in the mind without anyone actually learning anything. (I have a secret for you Ellie- he may have completed that project!!!) When Devon finally lets Chuck know that Ellie has the computer, Chuck asks Devon to switch out the hard drive with a blank one so she doesn’t accidentally come upon something she shouldn’t. Or worse, something dangerous. Devon doesn’t seem so sure because he has never seen his wife so motivated and excited by something. More on that in a bit. On to Castle…

Chuck is now in charge of the intersect project, much to Bentley’s chagrin. She doesn’t think he makes a good leader because he’s a big softy. However Chuck is basking in the glory of his leadership (something Morgan even questions, thanks to an apparently unsuccessful D&D mission. Oh, nerds…. I love you!) and is eager to get started on finding “More Chucks,” as Beckman put it, in order to have another person to put the intersect in.  After scouring the CIA files, Chuck has 4 contenders:

  1. Lewis: A tech operative with British accent…. which he got after just one semester abroad.
  2. Josie: Intuition so great with interrogations (or feely like Chuck, according to Casey.)
  3. Damian: Everyone thinks he is a terrorist because of his looks.
  4. Brody: Essentially, Chuck 2.0, from the messenger bag to the black Chuck Taylors.

The 4 are put through a series of evaluations. Casey handles the physical testing, Sarah does the psych evals and Morgan does the somewhat unnecessary, but always fun, cultural exam (here we learn that both Brody and Chuck are secretly fans of Brian Vaughan comics. At this point in the program the fangirl in me swooned and I had to keep myself from running to the bookshelf and pulling out a few of his books in solidarity with Chuck. Yep…)

Of course, everyone is a bit of a narcissist, so Chuck basically picks himself – Brody. Sadly for Brody, as soon as he gets the text saying he is the first choice, someone stabs him and kills him. Wah wahhhh. (Btw-  Why did Chuck text him? Aren’t they all IN the Castle? Just go find him!)

As Chuck confronts Bentley about giving the computer to Ellie (which she admits to doing because she doesn’t respect Chuck) they come upon Brody’s blood leading to his body. Chuck gathers everyone and is determined, as the leader, to figure out who the murderer is. Bentley and the intersect prospects are annoyed Casey and Sarah are not suspects, but come on…. we know they didn’t do it. Damian gets mad that everyone suspects him because he looks like a terrorist (“I’m Greek!” he proclaims loudly) so he leaves. But, as he tries to walk out the door, an explosive goes off. Damian used the door as a shield (alert! alert!) so he just has a leg wound. Chuck and Sarah interrogate everyone but still can’t figure out the mystery. But they do know it is one of the people they interrogated: there is a bomb under the interrogation chair. It goes off as Chuck and Sarah run away and after the dust settles, the only person missing is Lewis, so guess who just became suspect number 1?

They split up to look for him: Chuck and Bentley, Sarah and Josie, and Casey and his very large gun. Then they hear a noise in the ducts, but it is just a pig (more on that in a minute!) so the hunt is still on. Bentley and Chuck argue over leadership qualities, mainly, the fact that Chuck needs people to like him. Bentley decides to go to the Intersect room because it is bomb proof. When Chuck follow he finds out that Bentley has set up his dad’s computer to spy on Ellie. He is unhappy, but they both notice Lewis in the rafters and work together to take him down. Not hard since he is dead.

Chuck: I think we can safely say that Lewis is not the killer.

Bentley: Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.

This leaves Bentley and Josie, right? Not so much. Chuck tells everyone he thinks it is Bentley, but quietly lets her know that he knows it is Damian. Damian, who is lying across the room pretending to be passed out, hears this because Chuck says it in a stage whisper (it ain’t that big a room Chuck!) so Damian pops up and threatens them with his fantastic boom box which is actually a bomb. After being shot by Bentley, he arms it giving them a minute before exploding. Chuck has no apple juice available to disarm this bomb, so Bentley, after a meaningful look at Chuck, runs to lock herself in the Intersect room like a good leader. But Chuck is a better one and hotwires the lock, gets her out and locks the room back up just in time for the bomb to go off and a pig to fly into his arms.

Ok, the pig…. I’d go into the whole Buy More silliness involving a pig named Kevin Bacon, the Puppet Master from Heroes, a lot of Subway ads and about 1,9378 “BM” jokes, but Chuck wrapped it up so nicely, “Let me guess, Jeff and Lester stole the porcine victim. Large Mart snatched Big Mike in retaliation. He was able to liberate himself, but they still torched the big BM on your doorstep.” So there it is…..

Beckman tells Chuck that, obviously, putting the intersect in someone else may in fact be a bad idea, so Chuck is the one and only intersect. For now. Bentley is being transferred back to DC and is no longer Chuck’s nemesis. She also gives him a word of advice- she tells him the Ellie is one smart cookie, and even if he wants to protect her, she is probably their best bet at figuring out the intersect. After their long day, Casey, Sarah and Chuck head home where after a moment of rest, Beckman pops on the screen to tell them that Damian wasn’t just a killer for fun. He was hired. To destroy Castle. By Vivian Volkoff. It turns out Chuck does have a nemesis after all….

Now back to Ellie. Devon tells Chuck he switched the hard drive, but it turns out that was a bit of a fib. Not sure how much Ellie knows at this point, but she knows Chuck didn’t want her to have it. Mr. and Mrs. Awesome are becoming their own little spy duo, it seems. And that spy duo may get more badass soon. After Ellie falls asleep the computer scans the room, IDs Ellie and with that ID opens the files marked with her name: the Agent X files. Looks like Chuck won’t be able to keep all of this a secret for much longer!

What did you think of Chuck vs. the Muuurder?

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