Carmichael Industries went down to hot, hot Miami (cue up the Will Smith song, ya’ll), so viewers got to have a lot of fun in this episode of Chuck. By this, we mean that Yvonne Strahovski was in a bikini. Body envy is a real thing!

Downtown Abbey Rocks. Listen, spread the word. Downton Abbey is a great show, and you’re just in time to catch season2 air live! Of course, we want to touch on how sweet Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Alex (MeKenna Melvin) are together, especially when they sip their beer at the same time. Alex told her Dad that – “You’re my hero” so we may have shed a tear or two. She even brought her Dad around to loving the show. See, he’ll do anything for her. And he really doesn’t want to leave her. Instead, he’s thinking of introducing her to Gertrude (Carrie Ann Moss) which is the sweetest thing ever.

Sex Games and Power Struggles in Miami. Why did we wait so long for Casey to have a genuine love interest? Casey has never been our favorite character of the bunch, but suddenly we’re seeing him in a new light and appreciating all aspects of him. This was the best thing the writers could do for this character, and we’re glad they got the chance to do so. Thanks NBC.

Jeff and Lester Break the Code. We’ll pretend it wasn’t too conveinent that Jeff would just happen to guess about everything so he’d even have the word “intersect” written on his notecards, but it was high time someone else found out about the big spy secret. When other people find out, it can be handled. But when an idiot who can’t keep a secret and a guy who now doesn’t want to break any rule find this out… we’re very interested to see how it plays out. Those tranq’s have to wear off some time!

Chuck and Sarah Pregnant. Well, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) isn’t pregnant, yet. But at least they’ve started the dialogue that’ll show us where their future is going, since we won’t be around to watch it unfold. Sniff, sniff. Did you love how “Levi” was included in Sarah’s list of possible boy baby names. That, of course, is Zachary Levi’s professional last name, and actual middle name.

Morgan the Manager. There wasn’t a ton of Morgan (Joshua Gomez) in this episode, but the parts you saw really illustrated how he’s truly become this really great manager of situations and people. Team Grimes!

Misc Great Things

  • Casey’s gun coffee mug
  • “It doesn’t feel flame retardant.” – Casey
  • “Groovin’ in that deep v-neck!” – Chuck
  • C.A.R.E. – Clandestine agents relating emotionally.
  • “No booze, no jacuuze, what’s happened to my life?” – Chuck
  • Skimpy outfits commentary by Sarah, and her skimpy bikini.
  • “What’s wrong?” “Everything. It’s all wrong.” – Chuck/Sarah
  • “I don’t do a good cow.” – Chuck
  • “You have been targeted!” – Morgan to Devon
  • “Can I go formal?” – Devon
  • “Sun, sand, sex. The nerve of that woman.” – Casey
  • Lester (Vik Sahay) dressed up as a woman.
  • Sarah’s potential boy names: Levi, Landon, Lane, Lawrance, Lewis, Liam
  • “It’s gonna be hell to pay at Downton Abbey tonight.”
  • “What about the bombs they drop on Edwardian social conventions.” – Alex
  • “You sir, are an American hero.” – Lester
  • “Let the statuesque man work out in peace.” – Big Mike

Vik Sahay on Chuck Versus the Kept Man

Yvonne Strahovski in Chuck Versus the Kept Man – and everything is wrong.

Ryan McPartlin in Chuck vs the Kept Man