Chuck has had guest stars a plenty, but Vik Sahay  has a special place in his heart for one in particular.

vik sahay

Vik Sahay at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. Picture by Gage Skidmore, Flickr.

On the show, Sahay plays Lester Patel. He’s got dubious morals, a lazy set of work ethics, and he’s half of the infamous Jeffster. We love Lester, even when we’d love to smack him with a frying pan. (Luckily, Buy More doesn’t seem to stock those too often.)

Last night’s episode of Chuck introduced fans to Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Ann Moss) as a former spy that now runs Verbanski Corp. Oh, and did we mention how she and Casey (Adam Baldwin) have a bit of a romantic/sexual past?

We haven’t seen Gertrude and Lester share the screen yet, but that doesn’t mean they never will. Either way, Sahay is a fan of Moss and was very excited to meet her. In fact, they both hail from up north. No, not Michigan. Go higher! Canada! Small Screen Scoop has learned exclusively from Sahay that Canadian actors often keep their eyes peeled for fellow Canadians who “made the trek south and successfully navigated the building of their careers and lives in the US.”

chuck season 5Sahay moved to Los Angeles when he was added as a series regular in the 2nd season of Chuck and has gone back and forth between the US and Canada for work. Back on the Warner Bros. set Sahay couldn’t speak much higher off the gorgeous actress. “I always thought she kept this quiet confidence, a soulfulness, about her, even while working on mega movies like The Matrix. So, more than any other guest star, to be honest, I was thrilled to meet her.”

The comedic actor has been sharing set time with many exciting guest stars like Mark Hamill, Craig Kilborn, Danny Pudi (Community), and Rebecca Romijn, but much like the fans of the Matrix star, Sahay admires Moss’ combination of beauty and veracity. “She’s so down to earth and sweet. Though she’s a beauty who kicks major ass, there’s always a feeling of a vast inner world in her work. The word ‘Integrity’ comes to mind. There’s something “other” that sets her apart. Like in Memento and Chocolat, there’s something secretive that women with experience encompass: wisdom.”

Sounds like this actor is a lot more deep than his character on Chuck! (Sorry, Lester.) I know I speak for plenty of fans when I say that I want to see more from Vik Sahay in the future. His comedic talent has given us some truly outrageous moments of TV.

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