Martini! Martini! We have an emergency.

Chuck vs the Curse Review

Ellie and Awesome: Dressed to the nines, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) wore a fantastic dress and went for a date night with her husband (Ryan McPartlin.) It was great to see this couple get more time in an episode. They’re as in love as the day we met them. Devon went shirtless and Ellie let her hair down – literally. It was a fun time. The best moment wasn’t the shirtlessness, it was Ellie knocking one of the agents out after figuring out the evil plan. Bonus points for her re-attempt at this move later, only to comically fail. Hey, being a spy is hard work.

Bartowski Curse: Chuck (Zachary Levi) doesn’t have to be neurotic to notice that what happened to both of his parents is happening to him. Each was involved in spy life, and each had to go on the run and cut contact with their family to keep them safe.

P.A.N.T.S.: Private Artifacts Never to Share. Chuck and Morgan both have a “PANTS” box. What is with Chuck, Morgan and all of these abbreviations? Remember Operation: Toes In The Sand?

Morgan and Alex: We’ve been waiting for more of Alex (MeKenna Melvin) this season, and we got a nice dose of her in this episode. How did we find her? Holding a big freaking gun! She also went on to show she’s multi-talented by acting in front of CIA agents and to the police. Naturally, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) only loved her more for all of that. Despite the fact that they’re broken up, they still care about each other. Which can’t be said for every relationshi- uh, anyway. I have hope that these two will get together in the end, especially when Morgan handed over his P.A.N.T.S box to Alex. (Just as we all know the first rule of Fight Club, we all also know the first rule of the PANTS box is to never show your PANTS! But when you truly love someone, then it’s okay. Unless this is Alias and then your fiance dies in the pilot.)

Chuck and Sarah: Color us disappointed to realize that Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) wasn’t actually secretly passing The Omen virus to Chuck so he could sneak away and save his sister. No, Sarah really was trying to convince Beckman and Casey to let him take the real deal. This seemed like a moment where Sarah could have really bonded with Chuck, or at least understood that her husband wasn’t going to wait for a minute… instead she stood around trying to follow some semblance of the rules.

Just as quickly as it started, the CIA hunt after Chuck and Sarah has ended. But The Omen virus has been released. The Internet is down? That is a nerd’s worst nightmare! (Let’s be honest, it’s even a hipster’s worst nightmare!)

As each new episode draws to a close, we’re closer to the Chuck series finale. Anyone else need to borrow a tissue?

Chuck photo: NBC