Caged Heat, Victoria Beckham, Hinjews. You know you wanna read all of these Chuck season 5 Quotes!

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Chuck Season 5 Quotes

“Good luck to you both, finding another Indian Guy in your life!” – Lester
Apparently Lester doesn’t know about the Indian modeling agency’s that are so prevalent!

“I’ve seen Caged Heat, I know how to survive in Prison.” – Lester
Here’s Caged Heat on IMDB. 1974. Hm. I think Prison Break (with bonus Wentworth Miller) will help you more. Or America’s Next Top Model episodes – those girls can be vicious!

“What are you doing?” – Chuck
“Joining a cult!” – Sarah


“Imagine David Beckham. Lester’s a shorter, more feminine version of his wife.” – Morgan
Funny because it’s true.

“Wrap up the Phish concert, make a move.” – Gertrude
I like 90’s stuff, like Phish and Keanu Reeves.

One of these songs is great to work out to! Chuck Season 5 Music Guide: Chuck vs the Hack Off

“Looks like you walked into the wrong cult, bitch.” – Cult Leader to Sarah
Yea, or not. BOOM. I can do that. When Sarah Walker walks into a cult, she owns that cult!

“I hid it. …Inside him.” – Chuck
“So he swallowed it.” – Gertrude

Ahahahahaahahaha. Creative thinking.

“Fine! I love Casey, just stop grilling me!” – Gertrude to Sarah
Simply adorable.

Now with extra Danny Pudi! ‘Chuck vs the Hack Off’ Season 5 Review – Thinking Juice Time

“Who is this fool?” – Lester
I love to call people fools. Surprisingly, this isn’t a welcome nickname.

“Look at my face? You can’t tell I’m from Montreal? Like all true Hinjews?” – Vali
A doi!

“We coulda been something.” – Gertrude Verbanski Quotes
“Still can be.” – Casey

Oh man, romance.