The Chuck season 5 premiere airs tonight on NBC. As a refresher course, I’ve compiled every season 5 promo video, trailer, and EPK that’s available to prepare you for the season 5 opener tonight!

Chuck Season 5 Premiere Trailer

There’s plenty more to watch of Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin and all of your other favorites. And don’t forget to tune in to “Chuck versus the Zoom” tonight at 8 pm EST on NBC! Just relax and get ready for the last season of one of the best shows on TV. No pressure.

Chuck Sneak Peek 3 Extended Scene

Chuck Video: Morgan Vs. theā€¦ Vase?! Who knew a vase could be such trouble. This is why the vases I have are plastic, people.

Chuck Season 5 Episode 1: Sarah tries an old tactic to get Chuck to spill his guts. Yvonne Strahovski made a comment on twitter about how OF COURSE this was one of the first episode sneak peeks of Sarah we saw. And it’s true, the show has never been shy about showing off Sarah Walker in small amounts of clothing. But, can you blame them?

Chuck Season 5 Premiere EPK – Hear it from the mouths of your favorite stars on what to expect from Chuck season 5.

Chuck Season 5 – Chuck vs. the Zoom – Sneak Peek #1

Chuck Season 5 – Chuck vs. the Zoom – Sneak Peak #2

Chuck Season 5 – Chuck vs. the Zoom – Sneak Peak #3

Chuck season 5 Behind the Scenes Video, Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, Mark Hamill. Yes they do say “squee.” Did you think you were the only one?

Chuck season 5 spoilers:

Guest stars include Mark Hamill (Villain), Craig Kilborn, Carrie Ann Moss as Gertrude Verbansky (Freelance Spy), Rebecca Romijn as Robin Cunnings (special agent for the CIA) and Community TV Star Danny Pudi as Vali (Nerd Herder), Justin Hartley, Jeff Fahey.

Zachary Levi directs again.

Morgan doesn’t flash. He has a zoom. That’s his designated code word.

Sarah and Morgan dance.

Alex (MeKenna Melvin) won’t appear until episode 3 of season 5. This is a scoop from Small Screen Scoop (please source us), look for our interview with Melvin later today!

Morgan loves fresh shrimp on the private jet. He’s really always loved shrimp.

General Beckman outsources a project to Carmichael Industries.

Morgan stops a robbery. He also gets kind of rebellious and jerky.

Volkhoff left them 877 million dollars, but it isn’t going as far as they need it to for Carmichael Industries. In fact, it’s gone!

Chuck wants to buy Sarah a dream house.