In realizing there’s only two hours left of new Chuck episodes, I’ve begun to feel slightly paralyzed in approaching this show. How can I be critical of something that I’m about to lose!? Suddenly, I want to embrace everything, while weeping and jumping and hugging and stuff! It’s kind of like when you graduate high school and you suddenly don’t hate the teacher who gave you that totally unfair grade on your Don Quixote paper.

“Chuck vs. the Bullet Train” aired on Friday, and now there’s only two episodes next week before the final curtainĀ  call. It’s unfair and it sucks and it’s happening before it should have, but sometimes bad things happen to good people. So I’m going to suck it up and try to focus on last nights episode so I can always look back and remember what I loved the most.

The set-up for the Chuck series finale is really great, and I love it, and um, it does majorly remind me of the time they did this on Alias. But the more I think about it, the more I can’t imagine the show ending any other way. We got to see that Chuck, sans intersect, still has retained some training and can still kick some bad guy butt. And now he’s going to be going up against the one person he’s never had to fight (except in the Chuck pilot) – Sarah Walker. Talk about a killer parallel!

I do wish I cared more about this Quinn storyline. He’s supposed to be this big bad, but he seems no more intimidating than anyone else we’ve dealt with in the show. When I think of a criminal mastermind with a vendetta, I don’t picture him.

Admitting I don’t love the Jeff/Lester storyline is something I have to do. Or, I liked what happened in this episode but the previous episode seems like a huge waste. And there’s no time to waste! It seemed like a long decoy that wasn’t necessary, making us think our Jeffster team wouldn’t discover the secret. And then, boom, surprise, they do.

In watching the promo for next weeks episodes, I realized that if this was a movie a lot of people would watch it and so would I. It’s tough to think about Chuck without realizing that it never got the recognition it rightfully earned. But, because I want to be a positive person I’ll just feel sad for the people who don’t have Chuck in their lives, and proud of our show.


– Sarah’s old apartment, yay! Man, it was decorated so well.

– Are you okay with the fact that Sarah, Chuck and Casey have all agreed to give up the spy life. It’s not even an issue for the finale. It’s decided, as long as everyone lives and retains some memories. (Or even if they don’t, Chuck could re-woo Sarah…)

– The train track title sequence was fun.

– The song at the end was so sad. It was “She Tows the Line” by Crooked Fingers

– Will you be okay if Sarah actually doesn’t gain her memories back and it’s a 50 First Dates deal where she has to re-learn everything? As it is, do you think Sarah will be asking about Bryce Larkin?

– “I will not let my last words to Alex be a demand for pizza combos!” – Morgan

– “Just so you know, I’ve never sniped in my life…wet or dry.” – Morgan

– Casey: I need you. My daughter needs you. And your country needs you. Lester: Canada?

Watch Chuck The Two Hour Series Finale this Friday at 8/7c on NBC