This is your complete guide to Chuck music for season 5, the final season of the NBC show. Links are provided so you can listen to the Chuck songs. So, relax and get ready to rock!

chuck music season 5

Chuck Music Guide

Chuck Songs Season 5 “Chuck vs the Zoom”

“Devil’s Music” by Teddybears (When: Morgan saves the team from Jean Claude.)
“Ice Cream” by New York Pony Club (When: Sarah wears lingerie to trick Chuck into telling her his secret.)
“Take My Hand and Lead Me Home” by Simian Ghost (When: Sarah talks about her dream house to Chuck while they’re in bed.)
“Pucho’s Descarga” by Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers (When: Chuck stays in the van while the team attends a party.)
“He Regresado” by En La Palma Orchestra (When: Sarah and Morgan dance!)
The Honest Truth” by Typhoon (When: This is the song at the end where Chuck jumps through a window and onto the van.)

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