Are Chuck and Glee fans both suddenly way into Botox? Nah! And stay away from the face poison, guys! What we’re here to talk about today is a matter of music.

Our favorite and featured song of “Chuck vs the Baby” was the last song, “We Are Young” which we are listing first in our Chuck music guide list for that episode. (We’re just that craaaaazy. Yup.) But there’s something especially interesting about this song.

Glee: The Concert Movie Giveaway! Enter Fast! We’re giving away free stuff. Are you going to be the one winning it?

If you’re also a Glee fan (hey, we are), you’ll remember this was covered by the cast earlier this seaosn. Many of the comments on the “We Are Young” videos mention whether Glee brought someone there, or if they knew the song before Glee (for bogus musical credentials.)

Glee: The Concert Movie Review – Livin La Vida Faaaabulous Obvious Ricky Martin reference is obvious.

We’re a fan of the comment on this video by mota3147 which, among the “Glee brought me here!” comments, reads: “F#*k Glee, CHUCK brought me here!”

Now, we could be jerks and ask you guys to pick whether you enjoyed the song more on one show or the other, but instead we just want to highlight that both TV shows often highlight great song selections. Lay down your swords and go listen to both versions.

Chuck Season 5 Music Guide

Chuck Songs for Chuck Versus the Baby

We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) by Fun. – Link on Youtube / Link to Youtube Glee Version

Clownin Around by Deer Tick – Link on Youtube

The Black Block (Original Mix) by Modeselektor – Link on Youtube (You need this song on your workout mix so you can pretend you’re a badass Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) with a heart of gold and a ton of guns.)

Life, Oh Life by Dads- Link on Youtube (It’s time for FEEEELINGS.)

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