Chuck behind the scenes pictures from episode 13, “Chuck Versus the Goodbye” have been released. Let’s take a look. Try not to cry all over your keyboard.

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We start off with our personal favorite. Here’s Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi in the ultimate behind the scenes picture from season 5.

Chuck Behind the scenes pictures: Joshua Gomez stands behind Zachary Levi in more than one sense. Morgan always supports Chuck!

Hey, what’s so funny?! Chuck behind the scenes photos capture great moments. Here, some of the core cast claps. We spy Adam Baldwin and Ryan McPartlin, in addiction to Strahovski, Levi and Gomez.

Chuck Season 5 Bloopers and Photos – Out Now!

Chuck cast and crew in action.

On the beach. So sad.

chuck behind the scenes season 5

Strahovski and Levi look like they’re in their own little world.

Time for a few quick touch-up’s.

Baby Clara is just happy to be there. And the Tron poster never left, how sweet is that?