Sexy Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks returns to her Firefly roots as she plays a space vixen in a new video for Broken Bells. Read on for my James Bond shout-out.

christina hendricks firefly

Christina Hendricks is no stranger to the world of space cowboys, having guest-starred in the Joss Whedon TV series Firefly. Her part on the series was a mischievous woman who no-lie, once used poisonous lipstick to knock her opponents out like a Bond girl . While Hendricks can play a sultry bombshell well, it’s nice to see her acting in other parts. For the music video for “The Ghost Inside” she plays a determined, distressed woman in space. She looks luminous, and the video offers good music as well as interesting visual commentary.

I’ve never heard of the band Broken Bells before, but based on this song they play very mellow, chill music.

Watch “The Ghost Inside” by Broken Bells with Christina Hendricks:

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