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Chris Colfer was on Ellen today. He came out to “You want it, baby you got it” as sung by Glee, and mouthed some words and danced to it a little – wiggling down into his seat.Ellen asked him about being bullied and Colfer said, “Yes, every day. Mostly because of my voice.”

Then they moved onto talking about Lady Gaga. A Lady Gaga themed episode of Glee is coming up, although Lady Gaga herself won’t be in it. Colfer once met her in a greenroom and had a truly adorable story about that. He said, “It was probably one of the most embaressing moments of my entire life…we met her backstage. She’s very intimidating beause she was wearing a themepark…I didn’t know what to call her, Lady, gaga, gagee, a nickname? You never know. But she reached her hand out and said ‘Hi, I’m Gaga’ and for whatever reason I – I bowed. Maybe I thought she was royalty at the time? She did have a crown.”

Glee airs Tuesdays, 9 PM EST on Fox.