With ‘Glee’ star Chris Colfer at the helm, more fans might actually hop back on the gleek bandwagon.

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Glee series regular, Chris Colfer, stepped up to the plate. Photo: FOX

How does a once-beloved show go from can’t-miss-TV, to ugh-ugh-ugh and back to the start again? You just need the right script.

Bringing in a polished script that alluded to backstory points, Colfer pleased pretty much every Glee fan who’d been on the fence about the show. Check out just a small handful of these tweets that explain why…

@TerryPie17: (20:36:39) chris is just slapping everyone with three years of forgotten continuity @chriscolfer #GleeAlong #OldDogNewTricks

@tangerinesphere: (20:37:05) #OldDogNewTricks #Glee #Gleealong Chris Colfer is our Lucky Star an episode that makes me feel for a change, and not only rage

@rkoklaineglefan: (20:37:24) Shot out to Chris for bringing up old storylines (Sam and his family) #OldDogNewTricks #gleealong

@GleeIsAllINeed: (20:37:41) Officially this is one of my favourites Glee episodes this season. @chriscolfer you did an amazing job! #GleeAlong

@_RaeNicole_: (20:37:44) I love how its bringing in all of the other seasons too. @chriscolfer did such a amazing job I cant stop saying it #glee #gleealong

@FrankenFert: (20:44:07) Amazing how an actor writes a glee episode better than the actual writers. So can they just hire him on as a writer too? Just saying #Glee

@rkoklaineglefan: (20:45:42) Thank you. You flesh out the characters so well, and give them so much more life than they have ever had @chriscolfer #GleeAlong

@Evemabelle: (20:54:47) Glee is making me feel goood. What kind of sorcery is this?? @chriscolfer #OldDogNewTricks

@BrighidsForge: (20:55:06) Can we please submit this for award potential??? Really??? Great job by EVERYONE & GREAT EPISODE! #GleeAlong #OldDogNewTricks #glee

@bbcott: (20:46:20) Current emotion: Worshiping @chriscolfer’s writing. This episode reminds me of the first season of Glee. #GleeAlong

@turquoisecloud: (20:33:24) Sam’s past as a homeless teen is acknowledged! CONTINUITY! #OldDogNewTricks #GleeAlong #Glee

How would you feel about Colfer joining the writing team on Glee? Yay or nay?