Glee star Chris Colfer was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, talking about the Glee season finale. Read on to see what spoiler about the Glee finale he let spill without meaning to!

Chris Colfer, Photo: FoxColfer is truly adorable (or is it wrong to call someone over the age of 10 adorable?) and I’d watch him hosting his own late night show, for realsies – people! The Glee people knew they’d found a gem, that’s why they made a role for him on the show. He was a guest last night with Molly Shannon, and they had great comedic chemistry (and you have to be amazing to genuinely get along with Shannon and Fallon!)

Chris Colfer talked about sleepwalkin (er, sleepdancing), wearing ten-inch heels to emulate Lady Gaga, why lunch ladies are the best friends you can have, breaking everything in sight, told a funny story about confusing the Monk soundstage with a bathroom, and then he accidentally spilled a Glee season finale spoiler! Also, he uses the word “spaceage” so I think he’s even cooler than I had previously thought. I love Buffy-fying words like that. And as a fellow Diet Coke addict, I approve of him drinking so much of the stuff!

Chris Colfer, Part 1 (6/7/10) Chris Colfer talks to Jimmy about sleepwalking and injuries on the Glee tour.

Chris Colfer, Part 2 (6/7/10) Chris Colfer talks to Jimmy about an unplanned visit to the Monk set and accidentally gives away a Glee finale spoiler.

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